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Black Cock Slut Interracialed went into the stall and prepared to do my business when I heard the door open and somebody else walk in and go into the stall next to me. All of a sudden I notice a pair of fingers poking through a hole in the stall wall, they were my wife's fingers! Honey is that you? I said. Who else do you think it is, let me suck your cock through this hole baby. she replied. I instantly responded to her request, Cumbang Passwords Interracial Sex Video tape to 2 of her friends. God only knows how many other people saw it. However, it didn't upset me. Hell, I enjoyed the whole experience! There must be some underground communications because every time I went to that bookstore again, there were guys waiting for me (and her). A constant cum stream. When I showed up with Mary a few days later, you would have thought a bomb went off. This bookstore had 2 levels. As we went from 1 to 2 Mary casually removed her top to let her tits show to any one interested. There were a lot of guys interested. It seemed like the whole bookstore followed us upstairs (it probably did). After about 30 minutes of her sucking cock through a glory hole, another party invitation came. She said yes without hesitation. From there we went to someones house. Mary left her clothes in the car as we walked in. There were 3 or 4 girls there already topless when we arrived, playing strip poker so she fit right in. The major loser was down to panties, and loving it. With about 10 guys and 4 girls this was going to be some night. Mary got into the game and promptly lost. (No offense, but she never could play poker. Of course she wasn't trying to win anyway). Since she didn't have anything to take off, she offered them a dance. The sight of her shaved pussy did not go unnappreciated by the other players. Another hand and all the girls were naked. But the game continued with the stakes being sexual favors. Being a voyeur by nature, I loved this. I watched Mary lose a hand and suck off another player. She was just the first one to lose, it continued until every woman had a cock in her mouth. Talk about a trendsetter! It was a wonderful sight watching her take cocks up her ass, pussy and mouth. By the time we went home Mary was covered with cum and didn't want to put her clothes on.. When we got home I sucked all the cum I could out of her pussy. An absolutely incredible load! Mary continued to go the bookstore after work with or without me. I have no idea Dating Mixed Race Mr Mandingo swallowing so I zipped up and came out of the stall and so did she...and so did the waiter! He was licking his lips and smiling as he thanked my wife for letting him suck my dick. My wife looked at me and said "I told you I had the fantasy of having another guy suck you off in a glory hole while I watched." I said "Not anymore, you just did I guess, you crazy little girl." She never seizes to amaze Stacie Lane Cumbang example of flaunt if you got it. Even though I didn't really have anything more than willingness. Mary got bolder as we continued to visit the store. We no longer had to pay the $3 fee to enter. Wearing just a fishnet minidress, tits and pussy totally visible, she grabbed a very large (about 18 inches long and 3 inches in diameter) rubber cock. She asked the clerk if anyone could actually use something this big. He said probably, but it would make a better doorstop. "Can I try it?" she asked. "Only if you buy it first. Once its opened, its yours" was his reply. I plunked down $40 dollars. Mary unwrapped the toy and proceeded to sqat down on it. There were about 6 customers gathered around watching her try to fit that huge cock in her pussy. With about half of it in, she told the clerk he was right, it would make a good doorstop and gave up. There was a lot of applause for her attempt! This set up the evening for some great fucking. Mary is a screamer. This would cause a great deal of trouble in the bookstore. As we went upstairs, I think every man in there was following us. When we got to the top of the stairs, she pulled her dress off over head and proceeded down the hallway nude. She didn't bother with the gloryhole, she just left the door open, sat down and began sucking, her dress on the bench beside her. Mary said we really should go somewhere else for this, so off we all went to our house. Mary, me and about 25 men. She was completely insatiable that night. It was one of the best (or maybe the best) gangbang I'd ever witnessed. They all fucked her at least once, with a cock in the ass pussy and mouth. Some of the guys continued to come to the house, hoping she would be home. And sometimes they were lucky. This sort of thing became the norm for her, usually going to someone else's house. The money for the toy wasn't wasted either. Mary loved watching me stretch my asshole to get that puppy in. Never made it past 12 or so inches, about as much as she could do. Free Interracial Creampie he's gay and my wife teases me about it, saying that he wants me and stuff like that. My wife is the coolest women in the world, she's 32, 5 foot 4, 120 lbs, 34c tits, long jet black hair and has a great fucking ass. She's also pretty wild in the sex department, always wanting to do anything new or kinky. I have plenty of stories I could tell you but since this is a glory hole website I'm telling you about Cuckold Slaves the handcuffs and placed the chain on one of the hooks. Tammy got one of the paddles off the table and began to spank me. My wrap was removed by Beth. I have to say it hurts to be hit on the dick with a pingpong paddle and these 8 to 10 yr olds didn't show much restraint! (I know you can't possibly believe all this. I wouldn't either. It all did happen and you can accept whatever you want to.) They loved making the bell on my cock ring! We had these poker parties about twice a month. Sometimes we even played poker. Mary has a very beautiful body and loved showing it off every chance she got. Once the parties got started, she would strip for the crowd. Very good dancer. She never bothered putting her clothes back on, it would have been a waste of time anyway. It became normal for her to stop at the bookstore after work and entertain the patrons. Often she would bring a few of the guys home. Some were shocked to find me there but no one ever left without fucking her. She could have been making a fortune but all she ever 'charged' was some coke. I built up quite a large tape library that year. Some of the guys also enjoyed fucking me while Mary watched. I think most of the men who went to this bookstore were bi. I did have one very embarassing experience there. I let a guy into my booth and he asked me to take my pants off. I did. He fucked me and then there were a few more guys coming in the booth. At some point, my pants were taken out of the booth. The only other time anything like this happened was at the adult theater. There wasn't a whole lot I could do. I put on the sheer panties I had on earlier and waited to see if anyone would return my jeans. No one did. It was about 5am when I left the booth and tried to sneak out the backdoor. I didn't make it to my car before I was pushed into another one. This sort of thing was always happening to me ever since Mary and I started going there together. Another party night. I won't go into all the details. They were nice
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