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Ricki White Blacks On Blondes Barbie Cummings Blacks On Blondes and in my young mind I felt arroused for the first time. I didn't know then what I was feeling, but I knew I wanted to go to the barn with Tony again. Tony was working on the farm that day and I made a speacial trip out to where he was working. I made a point to walk by him in the hopes he would say something, as I was too shy to. My hope was answered as he called out to me to come Cuckold Dvds Latina Cuckold but also deflowering her tight white pussy, drove the crew into such a state of sexual hunger that in the nights proceeding they frequently had to stop work and run to the backroom to jack off. "So what's the problem?" the store manager asked the Leader, who met at the front of the store. The white man used an officious tone of voice, trying to impress his young bride. "You'll see in a minute," said the hulking black man. He led the store manager and the young blonde into the backroom where the other three crew members were waiting for them. Their eyes burned with desire when they saw the innocent bride in the flesh. They visually devoured her, from her pretty high heel clogs, up her slender well toned calves and creamy white thighs, to her narrow waist and firm up thrust tits. Her pretty face featured the sweetest mouth, with a lower lips that were pouty and bow-shaped, and her long blonde hair which was still done up in her wedding day perm. They couldn't wait to defile every inch of this sweet white prize that had been brought to them like a lamb. "Well?" demanded the store manager. "I don't see anything wrong!" Two of the three Night Crew suddenly grabbed him Huge Black Cock Free Interracial Gangbang Stories my legs spead and his head between them. A wave of pure pleasure went through my body as he began to lick my still bald, eighteen year old pussy. When he was done licking me, he stood up and pulled me to my knees. He then held his cock up to my mouth. I hesitated for a brief moment, before I took his black muscle in my mouth. I then placed my hand around his shaft and began stroking Blacks On Blondes Pictures at least seven or eight inches long! The store manager stared speechlessly from inside the baler. Their cocks were several inches bigger than his own when he was erect, and they were still flaccid - although he could tell several were at half-mast already. Unlike his naïve bride, he held little hope that they would abide by the rules of the game. And even if they did, how could she possibly win? What would it take for their nigger cocks to get fully erect? A glimpse of a soft white tit? A fertile, flat belly? A creamy thigh? God, if she was wearing a thong it would be a lost cause. He shook the cage with both hands, screaming for them to stop, but everyone ignored him. "Start stripping bitch!" ordered the leader. The bride bit her lower lip. She closed her eyes tight and slowly peeled off her pink top, revealing her lacy bra and creamy, well toned stomach. With her eyes still closed, she undid her lacey bra and let it drop to the dirty cement floor, immediately covering her breasts with her arms criss-crossing. She was afraid to look, but curiosity got the better of her. She opened her eyes slowly. Every black cock in the room was erect. (end of Pt. 1) Interracial Lesbian Gangbang back to when I was a child fooling around with black men at age eighteen, I usally play with myself. I can't believe how young I started in life. The area where I was raised was farm country. There were alot of black families that lived around us, but the nearest white people lived around five miles away. During my childhood almost all the kids I played with were black. This Cuckold Slaves but now she felt a twinge of relief, her husband's penis looked so harmless, barely an inch long. She guessed that the stories about virgins feeling pain when they lost their hymens was just an old wives tale. Then he mind returned the terrible reality of her position and she trembled at the idea of having 4 black men even touch her body. She started sobbing uncontrollably. "Shut up, bitch!" snapped the leader. Pointing to the store manager, he ordered him into the baler, which stood against the wall. The crew had emptied it of trash earlier in the evening in preparation. The leader believed that strict planning was the key to a successful gang rape. Now the opened the heavy iron door and forced the struggling husband inside. They closed it tight and lowered the cage, locking it from the outside. The store manager was only a few yards away from his frightened bride, but he was helpless to do anything. The leader turned to the shaking bride with a wide grin. The crew loved it when he toyed with their white victims, as he was about to do. "Please don't rape me!" she begged. "I'll consider it," said the leader. "But only if you strip!" "What? Oh . . . God
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