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Big Black Cocks Cuckold Slaves "Alright honey, now take your top off." Danielle, posing in her bikini, looked up at her husband and said, "no way." She had joined a diet program and lost sixty pounds. Her body, once plump, was now fit and lean. Her stomach was now flat and you could see her abs when she flexed. Her ass was now hard and firm, only her breasts staying big, though they had perked up where once they had sagged. Her straight red hair framed her pretty face, focusing on her large, piercing green eyes. Her husband, Jack, an amateur photographer, had freaked out over her new body. Even now she could see an erection poking out of his shorts. Dani licked her lips at the sight of his erection. She had been unusually horny the last month or so, since losing the weight and Jack had trouble keeping up with her. "Come on honey, show off that hot bod." "Promise you won't show anybody?" "I promise," lied Jack already thinking of ways to show his buddies what a hot, sexy wife Dani had become. Dani gulped and untied the sides of her string bikini. The truth was that her bikini didn't leave much covered anyway. She only wore it in their back yard, which was large and generally private. The homes around Stony Harbor had nice sized yards, many with pools, and their neighbors weren't much for hanging out in their yards anyway. "Great honey, now push them big titties together and lean forward." Dani did as she was told getting in to it. Her nipples were hard and she could feel her bikini bottoms growing wetter as the ever-present horniness grew in intensity. She liked showing off her body. "Oh that's good baby. Now pull your bottoms up so that I can see some ass. God your hot." "Come see how hot," said Dani untying her bottoms. Jack set the camera down and was out of his shorts in seconds. ******************** "What do you think?" asked Danielle twirling around on their patio. She had bought a new thong bikini, figuring her ass deserved a nice tan too, but her husband wasn't even looking. He was staring at a giant black man that had just walked around their neighbors back yard. "Wow, he's huge," she said watching as the black man, obviously the gardener, took out a weed-eatter and started it. He was wearing jeans and was shirtless. Every single muscle on the human torso was large and prominent on his body. "That guy is built." "As is my wife," said Jack finally catching on to the fact that her new bikini didn't appear to have a bottom. "Thanks," she said blushing, but noticing that his attention had returned to the gardener. "What are you thinking?" "I was wondering if he would pose for me. That boy's got to be the ideal subject." Dani flinched at her husband's racism. The black man was far to old to be called a boy. She didn't have much use for black people, but she drew the line at slurs. Jack wasn't all that bad, but had gotten worse as some blacks had moved into the development since spring. She had yet to see any black women, the only couple she had seen was a black man and a white woman kissing hot and heavy as the man left for work. Jack had gotten a downright horrified look on his face as they drove by. "Why don't you ask him," said Dani sitting down on her lawn chair. Jack was fit and had a nice body, but she knew he wouldn't last five minutes against the big black guy. He would behave himself. ******************** "Excuse me." "Yeah," said the black man, looking up from the weeds. "Need your lawn mowed?" "No," said Jack. "Actually I have an odd request. I'm an amateur photographer and was wondering if you'd be willing to pose for me?" "I'm no fag." "Oh god no, nothing like that. I'm married," said Jack pointing over his shoulder at his wife. "Just tasteful stuff. Shirt off only, I'd like some muscle shots. Your obviously a weight-lifter." The black was staring over his shoulder at Dani lying out in the sun. "I can pay you." "How much?" asked the black still looking past him. "Just a couple hundred. This is only a hobby of mine. I'm not to serious, I've only taken shots of my wife, never a guy." "I'll do it." "Great, I'll go set up my stuff. Come on over when you're done." ******************** "Hi, whats your name?" "Dani," she said feeling naked in the bikini as the black giant's gaze swept over her body. "I'm Xavier," he said shaking her hand. Xavier seemed to exude masculinity. Up close, she realized just how big he was as her entire hand got swallowed up in his big one. He was built like a linebacker or a heavyweight boxer, though his movements were smooth and surefooted. There was something graceful about him like he was part big cat. "I like your accent." "I'm from New Zealand. I like your bikini." "T-thanks," she said blushing again. She felt like her body was on display for his pleasure and though it made her uncomfortable, her nipples hardened under his gaze. Jack came out the sliding glass door. "Good your here. Come on in," The two men went down to Jack's basement where Jack had his studio set up. "Here's your money," he said putting an envelope on the table by some pictures of Danielle. Xavier picked up the pictures of Dani and began leafing through them just as Jack remembered that he had left some nudes in the pile. He tried to stop the black man, but it was too late. Cuckold Slaves happen next. When a knock came on the door I assumed without instruction a subservient role. In came a total of ten men whom I've never seen before; five black, two hispanic and three white. To my surprise Shane slipped out of the suite as the ten men walked in. One of the black men, the biggest, was obviously in charge; he ordered me not to look anyone in the eye and do exactly as I was told. My pussy was very wet in the first place and my clit began to throb as I realized the situation I was in. The leader, named Tony, ordered me to wet and finger my pussy and asshole. Tony then ordered me to lick and suck all the juices from my soaking wet fingers. As I licked my fingers the men sat down on the various chairs and couches around the room and took out their cocks. Thor ordered me to go around the room and "suck all the cocks and make em' big". The cock sizes and styles Black Cock Training Milf Black Dick still snapping pictures of her staring up at Xavier's penis. She spun around and stood up. "Jack stop taking pictures, he's naked." "It's ok Dani," said Xavier. "He photographed me like this last week. I don't mind artistic nudes. Do you?" "No, I guess not," she said. "Good," said Xavier swiftly placing one hand on her side and another on her hips. With one deft movement of his hands, he untied her string bikini and tossed it out of her reach. Jack captured the horrified look on her face just as she screamed bringing her arms across her body. "What are you doing?" she asked. "You said you didn't mind artistic nudes," said Xavier. Dani looked at Jack for help, but he offered none. "Come on babe," said Xavier turning her around to face him. "That body's too nice to cover up." The head of his penis was just inches form her belly button as they stood face to face. "Nobody will see these pictures. Isn't that right Jack?" Jack nodded as his wife turned around for confirmation. He wasn't lying this time. He wasn't about to show his friends pictures of Dani nude with a well-hung black man. Dani looked down at his penis again. Now that she saw it, she didn't want him to put it away. "Ok," she mumbled. "I'll pose for a few artistic nudes." Jack wanted to take his wfe's eyes of it so he said, "Honey turn around and lean back into Xavier so that I can get a good shot of your body. Then reach up and put an arm around Xavier's neck." He realized what had been missing from last weeks pictures, a woman. Dani jumped as the head of Xavier's penis poked into her back just above her ass. "Whoops," said Xavier. "Let me adjust my cock." Dani felt a thrill when he called it a cock, as he pulled it up so that it was squished between their bodies. She had never used the term cock, but in Xavier's case it seemed appropriate. Xavier reached out and grabbed her chin turning her head up towards his like he was going to kiss her. She found her lips were automatically parting before she pulled back. Jack put them through a series of poses all thankfully tasteful and artistic. The trouble came when Xavier had her kneel down again. "Hey Jack," said the black man. "Get a picture of my cock superimposed before her face." Xavier adjusted his body so that his hard cock was waving just under her nose. "Now look at it like it's the biggest cock you've ever seen." "It is the biggest one I've ever seen," she said and it looked even bigger up close. It had a powerful masculine scent and she inhaled deeply through her nose. "Your cock is beautiful Xavier." Xavier's large hands were blocking the shot so Jack said, "Let go of your penis Xavier, so that your hand is out of the way." Xavier let go, flexing his cock muscle, so that it shot up towards his stomach and held it flexed. "Oops, hey baby, grab it and pull it down." Without even thinking about it, Dani wrapped her fingers around it and pulled it back down. The thing was as hard as a steel pipe, but it felt hot and alive in her hands. She could feel his pulse beating beneath a thick vein under her hand. "Run your hand up and down it," ordered Xavier. Dani watched fascinated as she slid her hand slowly up his shaft then back down. It was so thick that there was an inch gap between her fingers. "Now pull it over so that it's pointed at your mouth." "Honey, you don't have to do this," said Jack, but she wasn't listening. Dani sat up on her knees and pointed the head of Xavier's cock at her mouth. "Now open your mouth, like your about to suck on it." Jack watched in disbelief as Dani's lips parted just inches from the giant black cock-head. These pictures had gone from artistic to pornographic in a matter of minutes, but he kept snapping pictures. "Now purse your lips and kiss the head." Jack stood up from behind the camera and said, "Now hold on just a minute." "Come on Jack," said Xavier smirking as Danielle moved her pursed lips up to the tip of his cock and kissed it. "She's already touching it with her hand, what's the difference touching it with her lips? Now shut up and take the picture." Jack gulped at the angry look on Xavier's face and bent back down, zooming in on his wife's face still with her lips pursed on the tip of Xavier's cock. Without a doubt it was the most erotic sight he had ever seen. Dani's eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily through her nose. He could see her breasts rising and falling wiith each breath. He had never seen her nipples so hard. Even her aureola looked swollen with desire. "Be sure to get this Jack," said Xavier. "Hey baby, now I want you to stick out your tongue and lick around the head." Jack couldn't believe his eyes. Dani complied, sticking her tongue out and licking around the crown. She licked all around the head before moving down to his pee-slit and licking up a large amount of precum leaking from the end. "Run your tongue down the shaft." Jack felt sick to his stomach as he watched his wife obeying the black man. "Xavier, I'm not so sure I'm comfortable with this any more." They ignored him and Jack watched his wife moisten every inch of Xavier's cock with her tongue, before the black man grabbed it by the tip and lifted it up saying "Lick my balls." Jack zoomed in on the man's balls Black Dick

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Blacks On Blondes Alisha Black Cock Cum Shots sticky cum. I must of had at least a gallon of cum dripping out of my mouth cunt and ass and rolling off my body! After the last one took his final plunge, in my asshole, he pulled out, came all over my face, and ordered me to "lick my cock clean". He displayed his thick eight inch black cum covered cock to me as I slowly licked the all cum and residue off his monster cock. He then took my fingers and scooped up as much cum and residue from my dripping wet pussy and asshole and ordered me to "lick my fingers clean". Thor then ordered me to "lick the table clean" of any cum and residue that may have spilled from my holes. After licking the table clean, I wanted to take a break, but instead was carried to the bed where I was placed face-down. They put two pillows under my waist and chained my hands and feet to the bed posts. I was completely helpless! I herd from the Black Cock Porn Interracial Gangbang Gallery it defied gravity. The head was as big as a small apple and it was impossibly thick. "Now do you believe me?" "I believe you," said Jack both enthralled and disgusted at the big black horse cock. "Why don't you take some shots of it?" Jack's only response was to leap behind the camera and start snapping pictures of that beautiful hard prick. He put Xavier through a whole series of poses always focusing on the man's penis. He framed his shots beautifully, but there was something missing. Later, as Xavier dressed he was staring at pictures of himself from last weeks session. "You're very good." "Thanks," said Jack changing the film in his camera. "You know what would be a neat shot. I've always liked contrast." He pulled out a picture of Dani and laid it beside his own. "Picture me in a pair of white briefs and your wife in a black bikini." "That would be artistic," said Jack looking at the pictures next to each other, "but she would never go for it, too shy." "That's too bad. Can we do this again next week? You don't have to pay me this time. I've enjoyed it so much, I'd like to use your pictures in a portfolio. "Ok," said Jack. "One more time." though, he really didn't have any ideas left for pictures of Xavier." He looked down at the pictures of Dani and the black man just as Xavier left. ******************** "Come on baby, please I need it so bad," said Dani grinding her crotch into Jack's, but an erection failed to materialize. "I'm sorry honey. I don't know whats been wrong." In truth, he hadn't had an erection since before the last shoot with Xavier. He hated to think that the boy's big cock had intimidated him to the point of impotence. At thirty, Dani was hornier now then she had been when they married eight years ago. She had demanded sex every day since spring and would have gladly done it twice or more per day if Jack could have kept up. Dani finally gave up and climbed off him. She frowned down at his penis and stormed out of the room grabbing her bikini as she left. Jack sat up and looked at his own penis. It had remained a constant two inches long all week. It looked like a sickly white grub or a little boy's penis. Jack quickly looked away and stood up to throw on his shorts not wanting to stare at it any longer. Xavier would be here in a half hour and that would be the last time he ever saw the black man. He would ask him to keep his pants on today and would let him have the nude pictures of himself so that he would never have to see that negro's penis again. Jack threw a shirt on and headed down to his basement. He retreived the pictures of Xavier staring again at that giant black cock. Xavier was the perfect model for beefcake shots, but there was still something missing from the pictures. If he could just put his finger on it.... ******************** Dani was reclining on the chair trying to sweat out her frustration when Xavier walked around the corner. Her nipples hardened the minute she saw him, some primal instinct telling her that here was a virile man. She grew embarrassed as her nipples poked out the bikini top, stretching the already thin material and she wished she had brought out a towel so that she could cover herself up. "Afternoon Dani, sorry I missed you last week." "Hi Xavier," she said. His eyes were greedily taking in her scantily clad figure which angered her because he made no effort to cover it up, like he felt he had every right to ogle her. She decided she liked him looking at her. Her body was too nice to cover up, maybe she'd even wear her bikini to the beach next time. Her shyness was a leftover from her fat years and she should move on. After all, Xavier was welcome to look, but he could never touch. "How's the photo's going?" "Great, your husband's very talented. Has he shown you any of them?" "No, he hasn't." "He showed me some of yours," said Xavier staring directly at her breasts before moving down to the thin patch of material covering her pubic hair. "I got to see a lot of you. You're one sexy woman." Dani flushed, not with shyness, but with anger. Jack had shown a stranger their private pictures, and a black stranger at that. First there was his erection problems and now he was lying to her. She was really getting pissed. "I'd like to see your pictures sometime," she said through gritted teeth. "Why look at pictures when you can watch us?" ******************** Jack was setting up his camera when Xavier walked down. The black man was wearing jeans and a tank top. He quickly took off his shirt and shoes, sitting on the couch while Jack focused the camera on him. A few minutes later, Danielle walked downstairs. She had pulled shorts on to cover the thong, but was still wearing her bikini top. "Hi honey, need something?" he asked. Dani just flashed him a glare that alerted him to the fact that she was pretty pissed about something and Xavier said, "I asked your wife to watch our session. I hope there's no problem?" Jack did have a problem, but he didn't want to piss her off more then she was now. Dani went over and sat on a stool away from the camera. "Alright Xavier try some poses." Dani stared raptly at Xavier as he flexed his muscles. His body was simply incredible. She had never seen anything Milf Black Dick Cumbang Clips shaft and balls. I never had so much cum squirted in my mouth and down my throat I could hardly speak! Now only one more to go, Tony. It had been five hours since I became a total slut for the two groups of men and I have never been more thoroughly fucked. Tony led me outside to the balcony where people passing by down below could see if they happened to be lucky and looked up. He sat down on a chair and ordered me to "wet my balls and ass". I slowly rolled his huge black balls in my mouth covering them with sticky wet spit while I jerked his fat cock. After about ten minutes he was fully erect and I was ready for his load of hot jism. He then ordered me to "fuck my asshole with your tongue". I proceeded to lick my way down from his dripping wet balls and began to fuck his tight asshole with the tip my tongue. He began to groan as I continued to lick his asshole Interracial Gangbang Tgp I feel so full," she muttered cumming again from the additional anal stimulation. Jack had long lost count of the number of times she had cum that day. He just kept taking pictures. Xavier pulled his thumb out, this time coating two fingers with vaseline, and pushing them into her ass. She winced a little as both were wider then Jack's penis, but Xavier just held them still, letting her get used to it. She came again, another big one, her juices running down the insides of her thighs. "God, I can't take anymore," she moaned. Xavier pulled his fingers out and then his cock, resting it on the crack of her ass. "Thank you," she panted. "I think that if I came anymore it would kill me." "Well, I still need to cum." he said, pulling his hips back until the head of his cock rested near the the pretty little rosebud on Dani's tight ass. Jack gulped realizing what Xavier intended. "What are you doing?" asked Dani jumping as Xavier began pressing down on the end of his penis. "Dear god, you'll split me in two." Xavier didn't listen, pushing down until her ass slowly opened, wider and wider and his cock head slid into it. "God no, you're too big," she cried trying to crawl forwards, but Xavier held her and she collapsed on the floor with her ass thrust into the air. Jack watched her ass slowly close around the hood of Xavier's cock-head and he snapped a picture amazed at the sight before him. Xavier was compassionate enough that he stayed like that until she got used to it. He pushed forwards again, Dani crying out as the thick part under the head pushed past her anus. He paused again before pushing the next few inches. "So fucking tight," he growled pulling out. Dani looked relieved, but he was only adding a fresh coat of vaseline to his cock. It went in easier the second time and once the thick part of his shaft was past her rectum, the rest seemed easier on her. Xavier met resistence and couldn't get anymore inside her. On a normal man, it didn't look all that bad because five inches of cock was sticking out of her, but with Xavier that meant that she had taken about nine inches. However, the six inch gap, gave Jack a great view for some photographs. Xavier started out slowly fucking her ass, picking up speed as Dani began moaning. Jack couldn't believe that she was liking this. Her head was buried in her arms and her voice was muffled as she spoke. Jack leaned down to hear her. "Fuck me, fuck my ass. I love it. Fuck my ass with your big black cock." Jack pulled away sickened that he had married such a slut. His roll was done so he walked back over to his tripod and sat down. Xavier reached down between their bodies and diddled her clit until she came again and several more times while he pumped her ass for about fifteen minutes. The black man began grunting, thrusting wildly. "Get ready Jack," he groaned. and seeing Jack sitting across the room growled, "Why the fuck aren't you getting this on film?" "I ran out," shrugged Jack pointing towards about twenty rolls of film sitting on the table. Xavier ignored him after that, thrusting a few more times until he grunted and came again. He pulled out and shot a wad across her ass cheeks and back. The third load, thought Jack, and he's still cumming buckets. Xavier's cock quit squirting and he rested it on her ass, sperm still leaking out. When he was done, he smacked his cock across her ass cheeks a couple times forcing out a couple more drops. Jack watched as Xavier stood up and stretched. He was sweaty and panting, but the black man didn't seem to be the least bit exhausted after cumming three times in two hours. Instead, he seemed invigorated. Xavier grabbed his clothes and bag, leaving Dani lying on the floor with her ass still thrust up. "Better go check on your wife," said Xavier walking over to him. Jack nodded and walked over to Dani who still hadn't moved. He watched as her ass slowly closed forcing sperm out, to run down to her pussy and drip on the floor. "Shame you didn't get a shot of that great ass fucking," called Xavier from the stairs. "Be sure and buy more film for next week. I'll bring a video camera and a buddy of mine along." "No", yelled Jack feeling a little more manly now that the imposing black giant was out of the room. "There's not going to be a next week. This is it Xavier, you hear me?" Jack turned around, proud of himself for standing up to Xavier. He wouldn't even develop the film, he would just destroy it, though he would never forget today. Then, he noticed that all twenty rolls of film were gone. ******************** Xavier threw his bag into the truck and decided to blow off work for the rest of the day. He aimed his truck out of Stony Harbor towards New York City. If these pictures came out as good as Jack's other ones, they would be worth a fortune. Tyrone Jones could have these up on their web sites by tonight and in Ebony and Ivory Illustrated in time for next month's issue. In the event Dani came to her senses when the pheromones wore off, he could use the pictures to blackmail the couple into making Jack videotape them next week with Mustafa or Rashidi or both. Then, after that, he could bring her down to the studio to make a professional video. Her possibilities were endless. The End Wife Is A Black Cock Slut happen next. When a knock came on the door I assumed without instruction a subservient role. In came a total of ten men whom I've never seen before; five black, two hispanic and three white. To my surprise Shane slipped out of the suite as the ten men walked in. One of the black men, the biggest, was obviously in charge; he ordered me not to look anyone in the eye and do exactly as I was told. My pussy was very wet in the first place and my clit began to throb as I realized the situation I was in. The leader, named Tony, ordered me to wet and finger my pussy and asshole. Tony then ordered me to lick and suck all the juices from my soaking wet fingers. As I licked my fingers the men sat down on the various chairs and couches around the room and took out their cocks. Thor ordered me to go around the room and "suck all the cocks and make em' big". The cock sizes and styles Cuckold Slaves wondering how much sperm nuts that size produced. "Enough," said Xavier releasing his cock so that it fell, smacking Dani in the face. Jack thought it was over and felt both relieved and disappointed. Then Xavier said, "now suck my cock." Jack watched as his wife took the head into her mouth. He could see her cheek bulge out as she swallowed it. Dani wasn't into blow jobs. In eight years, she had probably only taken his penis into her mouth six times and never for longer then a few minutes, complaining that he was too big and he had believed her. "Xavier, I think this has gone on long enough," said Jack. "Time to quit." Jack moved out from behind the camera walking towards them, just as Xavier flashed him an angry glare that turned his legs weak with fear. "Come on Jack, a blow jobs no big deal. Get back there and take pictures." Jack retreated feeling his balls crawl into his scrotum. He got back behind his camera and started taking pictures again. Dani's eyes watered as the head pushed into her throat and she choked. Xavier needed her to make him cum. He needed to cum so bad, she redoubled her efforts. His cock was wet with her saliva and she started stroking it with both her hands as she bobbed her head around the end. She relaxed her throat concentrating on breathing through her nose as she tried to suppress her gag reflex. She hated herself for being so unskilled at pleasing a man. Xavier deserved the best and tears started falling down her cheeks at the thought of displeasing him. She pushed forward feeling the head slide deep into her throat and opened her eyes to see there was still five inches sticking out. She whimpered in frustration. "It's alright slut," said Xavier patting her head. He rested his hand on her head and began moving her head back and forth, picking up speed until her head was bobbing along half his cock, jerking the other half with both hands. Dani kept up the pace for what felt like an hour. Xavier released her head and she rested from time to time to catch her breath, but continued jerking off his cock. Finally, it seemed to swell even bigger and she knew he was close. "Ready?" asked Xavier. Dani looked up and nodded with his cock stil in her mouth, but he was looking over at Jack who was busy changing film. Jack put the new roll of film in and started snapping pictures again. He immediately noticed the swollen state of Xavier's cock as his wife bobbed her head over it. "Honey, watch out, I think he's getting ready to blow," he said knowing she would never swallow the black man's sperm. "Zoom in on her mouth Jack," said Xavier. "and hurry damn it." Jack obeyed, taking a picture just as sperm shot out of Dani's mouth around the sides of Xavier's still thrusting cock. More sperm dribbled down her chin and Jack watched her gulp it down. Just as she swallowed her cheeks bulged out again before swallowing a second time. Xavier yanked his cock out and shot a third wad on her face. That alone was more sperm then Jack had ever produced in his entire life. Semen covered his wife's hair, forehead, nose, and cheeks. Xavier angled his cock down and sprayed an equally large wad all over her breasts. All the time, he had been holding Dani's head back away from his spraying cock and as soon as he released it, she attacked it again, jerking her hand along his shaft towards her mouth as if she were milking it for more sperm. 'Thank god, it's over,' thought Jack relieved. Dani pulled back away from it a look of awe on her sperm covered face. "Dear god, it's still hard. I thought you said it goes down once you cum." Her voice was a little hoarse. "I lied, it almost never goes down. Lets move over to the couch and get some shots of my cock pointed at that pretty little red-haired pussy of yours." Xavier helped Dani up and they walked over to the couch. She sat, spreading her legs wide and Xavier kneeled between her legs with the tip of his cock poised on her pussy lips. He began sliding the head along her wet lips until she started raising her hips into it. "Hey, wimp you getting this?" Jack was shocked that they were still going at it and was standing frozen. "Get the fuck over here and get a picture of this," yelled Xavier. Jack grabbed the camera and aimed it at Dani's pussy. "Be sure to capture how wet she is for me," said Xavier. The black man wasn't lying, the entire insides of her thighs were soaked. "Now watch as her lips stretch out and close around my head." Xavier pushed down just as Dani moaned raising herself onto the end on his cock. Jack watched as the first inch disappeared into his wife's pussy. "Xavier stop now," said Jack worried at how quickly Dani's pussy had swallowed up the black man's fat cock head. "Take it out this instant. You can't fuck my wife." "I can and I am," Xavier said pushing another two inches in. Dani's eyes were wide with disbelief as her vagina was stretched out like never before. "Just keep taking pictures Jack. Besides, your wife wants me to fuck her, don't you baby?" Dani just nodded and Xavier added, "I can't hear you." "Yes." "Yes, what?" "Yes, I want you to fuck me." "See Jack, she wants it," he said pulling his cock out and smacking it on her belly a couple times. Jack couldn't help but notice the
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