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Black White Personals Cuckold Slaves Ann called Tyrone as soon as she got back to her apartment. "Tyrone, I think there must be some mistake, I only got paid $300 for all the work I did today." "No mistake Ann," said Tyrone. "Your not a $1000 an hour model yet. You've got to build up a resume. You'll get some extra money when your seasonal pictures get published, but that could take months." "But it wasn't enough to cover my rent." "Look if you need money, we can do a nude layout. I'll get you the money right away. "No thanks," said Ann, hanging up. The phone rang almost immediately. It was her mother. "I'm so proud of my little girl. I knew you had what it takes to make it in the city the moment I saw you on stage at the pageant. How did your first shoot go? I can't wait to see some pictures of you." Ann managed to get a few words in before hanging up an hour later. She called Tyrone back immediately. "Tyrone, this is Ann again. What exactly would a nude layout entail?" ******************** Ann came in early again the next day. The same blonde girl, Suzie, did her hair and make up. Which wasn't hard as they were doing a beach scene and Ann's hair was supposed to be wet and dripping like she had just emerged from the water. She put on a tiny white g-string bikini in the dressing room and then walked over to an enclosed shower. She showered in the bikini, fretting when she clearly saw her nipples through the thin material, but remembering she would be taking it off anyway. Ann was still dripping when she walked over to the painted beach scene. "Ann were going to take some pictures of you in the bikini first and then your going to take off your top and spring up like you just lost it in a wave. Let me get some shots off your breasts and then cover them with your arms like you've just realized what happened. Understand?" Ann nodded and posed in the bikini for some shots. "Now take your Cuckold Slaves this place before and knew the booths with gloryholes (all of them) we went inside a booth toward the back, I was wearing (if i remember correctly)a dress, and bra and panties,(always wear bra and panties don't ask me why) so we walked in and I sat down, sure enough a huge hole on the wall to my right and left of the booth, as soon as I sat down we heard noise outside in the hall, and of course the squeaking of openeing and closing doors to either side of us, i peeked through the hole to my right and my husabnd on the left, I found my self staring at a pair of eyes looking at me, I waitd a while and sure enough Multiple Interracial Creampies Sucking Black Dick "Sorry, I slipped," said Tyrone. Ann was confused. Her nipples had popped out and she could feel her vagina lubricating. Why was she getting aroused? "Ok, now I want Tyrone to stand up and Ann kneel before him." Ann couldn't believe the size of Tyrone's chest. He was the beefiest man she had ever seen and it was all muscle. He was wearing red lifeguard shorts, that were bulging out obscenely. 'Didn't any of the men at E&I have a small penis?' she thought. "Ann, put your hand in the waist band and slowly pull his shorts down." Ann swallowed nervously and reached up and gasped the waist band of Tyrone's shorts. She didn't know why, but she wanted to see his cock. Ann pulled down his shorts watching as his pubic hair was slowly revealed. She saw the base of his cock-it looked thick- and struggled to free the rest of it from his shorts. Finally, with a strong yank, she pulled his shorts down and something smacked her in the chin, forcing her head up. "Now look at it like it's the biggest cock you've ever seen," said Latrell. "It is the biggest," said Ann staring at it dangling before her face. She heard Tyrone snicker at that. 'and the ugliest,' she thought. His entire cock was a dark black, except for the big blue veins crisscrossing it and a red slit on the end. It was around ten inches long and fat, real fat. Tyrone wasn't circumcised and his wrinkly dark foreskin fascinated her. The head peaking out at her was about the size of a golf ball. "Ann, I just need you to wrap your hand around it to show how big it is compared to your hand." Ann nodded barely hearing. She reached out and touched his black cock, amazed that there was still an inch gap between her fingers as they closed around his shaft. "Good job Ann," said Latrell. "Now lift up his cock and cup his balls." Ann lifted his cock and looked down at Tyrone's hairy balls. They Black Cock Queen

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Trinity Post 2
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 Cuckold Slaves Trinity Post 2
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Mixed Singles Black On Blondes but not to skinny either, I bent over and licked the tip, and stroked it awhile, slowly jacking him off, (This was only my 10th or 11th gloryhole cock) and I was still virgin. I did put it in my mouth and suck on it for at least 2 to 3 minutes non-stop till he came in my mouth without warning, I swallowed most of it and spat out some on the floor,i was coughing and choking a little(dumb me) my husband was pounding my back lightly , make sure i did'nt choke, The cock withdrew and we heard a whisper, "Thanks" we both had to stop from laughing, because we figured we owed him thanks for poking it through in the first Reverse Interracial Gangbang Interracial Sex Gangbang want you to do anything you don't think is right. All I can promise you is that I will make the pictures as tasteful as possible and that I can touch them up a little to make them look like someone else." "I don't know." "Ann, I'm not supposed to tell any of our models this, but we've got a lot of big contracts coming in next month from some top companies. Don't blow your chance to make it big. All the supermodels have done nudes." "Latrell, I don't know what to do," she said crying. "Let me think about it." Latrell nodded and said to take her time. Ann went into the dressing room and sat on the bench. She started weighing the pro's and con's. $1200, no one would recognize her, the chance for some better work next month, her parents wouldn't know, and the money would get her through the month. She could apply at several other modeling agencies and all she had to do was debase herself for a couple hours. One thing made up her mind, she knew she couldn't go back to Idaho after living in New York. Latrell looked relieved when she walked out onto the beach set still in the bikini. She looked around and was glad to see that Tyrone had left. Ann walked onto the set and Latrell started snapping some pictures. "Ok Ann, it's now or never." Ann squatted and loosened up her bikini top. Suzie kneeled at her feet and splattered some water up, so that it would loo like Ann was springing up out of the water. Ann jumped up and the top flew off away from her body. It took all her will not to cover her breasts as they were exposed to strangers for the first time. Her large breasts bounced up and down and Ann was surprised at the feeling of freedom she felt being virtually nude outside her home for the first time. Ann gasped and covered her breasts like she was just realizing she had lost her top. "Great Ann now go over to the wall and kneel by the ocean." Interracial Gangbangs Cumbang Forum a girl, I stood up and peeked and there was a guy with a camera taking pictures of his wife (i guess it was) in the booth , she was topless and smiling. He had his cock out and she began to suck it , it was kinda dark in there and could only see when the movie playing brightend up, then i saw standing up and come toward me, she was going topeek at us, i told my husband and i quickly got on my knees and began to suck him, hoping she got a good view also, after several minutes i stopped and peeked again at them, she was on her knees working a cock that poked trough a gloryhole on her side, we didn't have one, her Black Coks keeping your lips pressed against his cock." Ann opened her eyes and looked down the length of Tyrones thick shaft and slowly looked up his muscular chest until she met his eyes. He grinned at her and she grinned back. He had given her the best sex of her life without even penetrating her. "That's it we're done here," said Latrell. Ann jumped up and ran to the dressing room. ******************** Tyrone opened his wallet and counted out 12 hundred dollar bills. "Here give these to Ann when she comes out," he said handing them to Tyrone. "I need to go find Carol." "I understand," said Latrell. "Suzie go wait for me in the bedroom set." "Yes sir," replied the blonde, leaving the room. Naked Tyrone walked to his office and opened the door. Carol was already naked. "How did it go?" he asked, looking at the picture of the beach room on his computer screen. "Great, I could see everything," she said before wrapping her lips around his cock. Tyrone could see Latrell adjusting his cock as he waited for Ann. He leaned over and clicked on voyeurcam. Tyrone was impressed, 4000 people were currently watching. As the picture came in, he saw Ann, still nude, sitting facing the camera. She had her feet spread up on the mirror giving watchers the perfect beaver shot. The slut was slowly running her palm down over her shaved pussy and teasing her clit with one finger. Tyrone watched her clitty swell up as she teased it. Ann's other hand was pinching her nipple. "Suck me fast bitch," he yelled down to Carol, who immediately speeded up. Ann moved her other hand down and pushed one finger into her pussy as she continued to tease her clit. She seemed unsure of herself, unfamiliar with her own body, and Tyrone got the impression this was her first time masturbating. As he watched, she started raising her hips and he watched her cum all over her hands. Interracial Pron this place before and knew the booths with gloryholes (all of them) we went inside a booth toward the back, I was wearing (if i remember correctly)a dress, and bra and panties,(always wear bra and panties don't ask me why) so we walked in and I sat down, sure enough a huge hole on the wall to my right and left of the booth, as soon as I sat down we heard noise outside in the hall, and of course the squeaking of openeing and closing doors to either side of us, i peeked through the hole to my right and my husabnd on the left, I found my self staring at a pair of eyes looking at me, I waitd a while and sure enough Cuckold Slaves They looked like two large oranges stuffed into one winkly, black sack. She cupped them amazed at their weight. Johnny's testicles had only been about as big as ping pong balls. "Now Ann, I want you to lay back on the towel. Tyrone kneel between her legs and kiss your way down her belly." Ann found her belly spasming at each kiss from Tyrone's lips. The blood was rushing through her ears so fast she could barely hear Latrell telling her to lift her hips up. She did and latrell untied her g-string and pulled it away. Tyrone leaned down and kissed her belly button and then worked his way down her shaved crotch. Ann spread her legs without being told. "Aaaaah," Ann cried as his tongue touched her clit, causing her to have an involuntary orgasm. It was her first and it had felt incredible. "Sorry, slipped again," murmured Tyrone. "Now Tyrone grab her knees and move your cock as close to her pussy as you can without touching her." Ann leaned her head up and watched his black monstrosity approach her pus..vagina. Her body was screaming at her to spread her legs further to let it in. She wanted to cum again. "Oooooh," she moaned as his cock accidentally touched her labia, "Watch it." Tyrone pulled back and Ann saw that his cock head had emerged from his foreskin and it was glistening with her juices. Latrell moved up close and snapped some closeups of Tyrone's cock pointing at her pussy. Ann could see Latrell's hard cock outlined under his pants. She had a strong urge to see what it looked like. She wanted to compare it to Tyrone's. "Great job guys. Lets get some doggy shots. Ann turn over on your hands and knees." Ann turned over and got on all fours, while Latrell snapped some pictures. She shivered at the thought of Tyrone's fat ten incher pointing at her pussy. "Spread her ass cheeks and then rest your cock between them." Ann felt Tyrone's
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