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He had an erection from the girl sitting in his lap and was wearing briefs so small and tight, they hugged a thick foot long cock and a huge pair of balls. "Always nice to meet such beautiful women," said the man reaching down to shake each girls hands. Mandy shivered when he touched her. "Please enjoy yourselves." The group walked up the deck stairs to the second level. "Mr King owns this house," explained Devon. "He's a great man." Mandy had never heard such awe in anyone's voice as when Devon spoke of Mr King. They reached the crowded deck and Mandy looked around. Dozens of people walked around drinking and socializing. Mandy had never seen so many slutty women in her life. The night air was still quite cool, but there were plenty of bikini tops, short skirts and bare bellys. There were other women there too, a lot of female senior week teens and plenty of teen boys too. They had odviously heard of the party and wandered down the beach to it. Plenty of the boys were hot, but her eyes kept getting drawn to the black men. There was no such thing as a short black man. Dozens of them towered above the whites. Every one of them was at least six inches taller then the crowd, each one was built like a football player or heavyweight boxer, and each one had that aura of power about him that Booker, Devon, and Mr King had. The black boys at her high school didn't have this aura of masculinity that these men had and every one of the slutty white women was with a black man. As she took in the crowd, Mandy saw one teen girl lift her top and shake her breasts as one black man stood by her grinning at another black man holding a camera. The one black then gave the girl a bill for showing her breasts. Mandy was shocked to see Ginger walking over to talk to the men. Next thing Mandy knew, she was alone. Devon was pulling Allison downstairs and Mandy watched from the deck as they walk across the beach to where a large bonfire was burning. A crowd of people gathered around the fire and several kegs planted in the sand. Vicki and Booker walked into the house and started dancing in the living room where a dj was playing rap music. Worse then being alone, even Ginger appeared to be flirting with the two black men with the video camera, one put his hand on her ass and she didn't remove it. Mandy sighed and wandered around a bit admiring the house. She passed an indoor Cuckold Slaves the way the fellows in the bar greeted everybody. She told me her name was Christine. Within two days we were married. Christine told me that I was too good to be true, and the fact that I had been left a lot of money by a relative didn't seem to put her off in any way. Well that was two years ago. We have a nice house with a large garden and everything seemed to be going along fine until a week before her birthday, 5th of November. I asked her what she wanted as a present. "Can I have anything I want?" she asked. "Anything darling, you know that." "I want a black cock, a BIG black cock," she said. "If that’s what you want I will get it for you," I told her. I must admit I was shocked, she had never shown any interest in animals before. Anyway way two days before her birthday I had the chicken run built while she was out having her hair done. Then I went to see a friend who always seemed to be able to get me anything I needed with out the need for me to go shopping, (everyone knows him as Nick the thief by the way). When I told him my wife had asked Hardcore Cuckold Milf Black Dick his presence was as masculine and powerful as the other black men, and to some extent, even more so. The man appeared to have a log shoved under his sweat pants. The outline of a cock so big it would never fit in any woman, tented out his sweats under the man's enormous belly. "It's alrights, I don't gets many visitahs in heres." "Thanks. What did you mean when you said that you use these balloons to reduce the mess?" "I use thems to catch my cum." Mandy was flabbergasted. She wanted to leave, but the black man had walked around and was now blocking the exit. She looked down at his monstrous bulge. "You wants to see it?" The fat man started tugging his sweats down before she could respond. The thick black root that revealed itself was thicker then her forearm. More of his super-cock was exposed as the man struggled to get more of his pants off. It stuck with about nine inches revealed and the fat man was having trouble getting the rest off. He waddled over to her and Mandy took an involuntary step back. "Pulls it the rest of the ways off, Mandy. Please, it hurts." Mandy's trembling hand reached out as if it had a mind of it's own and grabbed the hem of his sweats. She stretched them out and down revealing more of his cock, until with a tug, she freed the big head and the monster cock shot up into the air. 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Here was the most disgusting black man she had even seen standing just inches from her and as she inhaled his manly smell, she wanted nothing more then to help get him off. She reached out and touched the head, jerking her hand back as he came. Only he hadn't cum. It was merely precum squirting out from the long pee-slit on his huge cock head. The thing was starting to ooze precum in amounts greater then her white boyfriend's entire orgasms. Mandy reached out and touched his cock again, avoiding the precum. She wanted a closer look and fell to her knees, her face just inches from his cock head, the huge cock completely filling her field of vision. She pulled back on the shaft, watching as the entire apple-sized head emerged from the foreskin. Her other hand came up and soon she was caresssing it with both hands and then stroking it. She got precum on her hands and she no longer cared, it helped coat the cock, making it easier to stroke him. 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Black Dick Latin Chicks Mandingo 10 house. Cuthbert (The name I gave the bird) and I were left not knowing what I had done wrong. The next two days were spent in silence, even Cuthbert had kept quiet, I think Christine’s outburst had unsettled him. Around twelve noon on her birthday there was a knock on the door so I answered it. I was met by a well built Afro Caribbean who told me his name was Joe and that Christine had asked him to call as she needed a gardener and a friend of hers had recommended him. I took him through to the garden, as we passed the bedroom door Christine called out. "Is that Joe?" I told her yes and she said she’d be right out. It was unusually hot so I poured Joe a beer while we waited, I noticed him looking towards Cuthbert. "That’s Cuthbert." I told him. "He’s a birthday present for my wife. Can you see anything wrong with him?" I asked, maybe he would know why Christine had been so disappointed. "Do you think its the list, my friend said it has a list?" "Don't know much about chickens." Joe said shrugging his shoulders then sipping his beer. "Christine asked Cumbang Gallery Mandingo Pretty Girls her veins, her level of horniness increasing tenfold. He was right, she was horny. The girl walked up to a boy returning to his friends with beers in his hands and started flirting. The upper decks weren't wired, so he couldn't hear their conversation, but Bull could tell she was laying it on thick, laughing at his jokes, touching his chest, and he was responding. Bull flipped through some other cameras and then returned to the pale girl. Her and the guy, were holding hands now and they started wandering around. They opened a bathroom door and interupted a woman wearing a wedding ring sucking off an enhanced, that Bull didn't recognize. The girl stared at it longingly, before the guy pulled her away. "Damn, that guy had a big dick," said the boy before Bull lost the mike. Bull caught the couple again heading to the ground floor and disappearing off into the dunes. They returned ten minutes later, the guy leaving the girl and looking embarrassed, the girl looked pissed and desperate. "Why the fuck do I keep picking losers?" said the girl to herself. It was getting late and the party had thinned out. Here and there, enhanced black men were fooling around with white women and girls, some they had brought, others they had seduced at the party. The girl was wandering around now encountering these couples. She'd spot the occassional black cock with white lips kissing it, or see an eleven inch, black, veiny monstrosity disappearing in a married woman's pussy and she'd get a wild look in her eye. Bull looked away from the screen as Latrell stood up, his pants were tented out. "Shit, I think I got enough tape for my video. I need to go get me some of that hot bitch's pussy again. Bull returned to watching the pale girl. She ran into Latrell on the stairs to the upstairs level. "Hey sweet thing," said Latrell. "I got what you're looking for right here." Latrell cupped his cock and balls. The girl hesitated, staring at the outline of his cock. "No, I'm...not, I'm looking for a friend of mine, blonde, big chest." "Ginger?" "Yes, you know her?" "Yeah, I know her," said Latrell grinning. "Follow me." They walked upstairs to one of the many bedrooms. Latrell opened it and the girl walked in. Ginger was naked on all fours facing the door. A giant black man kneeled behind her fucking her like a dog. Ginger's face was sweaty and looked crusted with dozens of loads of sperm. The busty blonde was struggling to hold herself up as the black man pounded his cock into her with tremendous force. Ginger's huge breasts were swinging ponderously each time the black man slammed his cock into her. The girl looked at the scene with an expression that suggested she was both entranced and horrified. Latrell walked up to the bed and started stripping. "What are you doing?" asked the girl shocked. "I'm joining them. Why don't you join us and we'll make it a foursome?" The girl shook her head and Ginger opened her eyes seeing the newcomers for the first time. "Oh god, oh god, oh Mandy, you don't know what you're missing. It's sooo good. fuck me with that big black cock. Oh god, cumming again...fuck me." So her name was Mandy. Bull watched her back out of the room staring at her friend Interracial Gangbang Video Cumbang Site Rip be heard rushing into his mother shouting "mummy, mummy the chicken said fuck." We heard a sharp slap and a child crying. "It did say fuck." Said the indignant child between sobs. "Get to your room." An angry voice yelled. To my surprise Christine’s eyes lit up. "The chickens got the right idea Joe." She stood and took his hand. "Why don't you fuck my doodle, doo." She took him into the house, I was stunned. I don't know how long it was, maybe 5 or ten minutes I heard Christine calling me. I followed her voice into the bedroom and was met by two naked bodies. Chris was on her knees in front of Joe, she held his dick in her hand, her fingers just able to meet. "This is a big black cock, idiot." She said then began to suck and lick on his prick like it was a lolly pop. "She’s right man." Joe said looking at me with a superior grin on his face. "And in a few short minutes your gonna see your bird being well and truly stuffed with it." I went to leave. "Stay there and watch." Christine ordered. She dragged Joe over to the bed and he positioned himself between Interaccial "Bye Bull," said Mandy as they passed him. The three girls entered the main room and saw Mr King walking down the stairs carrying Ginger. He set her down and she said, "Thank you sir." "No problem," replied Solomon King. "Think about my offer." "I will sir." "Now it's time to go ladies, you're the last stragglers." They walked to the deck door and down the outside steps to where they had first seen Solomon in the hot tub. "What offer?" asked Mandy to Ginger. "He wants me to dance in one of his clubs, says my body can make me a fortune." "That's great." "It's a strip club." "Oh. Too bad." "I'm considering it." "What?" "The clientel are mostly black men." "I see." A cleaning van pulled up as the girls hit the beach. Four maids got out to clean the house. Strangely, all were white, young, and good-looking. Even stranger, all four were wearing, sexy Fench maid type outfits as they unloaded cleaning gear. The girls stared at the maids as they walked over the dunes. The several mile walk down the beach was torturous to the four tired and sore girls. Worse, it was later then they thought and the beaches were crowded. Men couldn't help staring at four hot women and they all noticed their disheveled state. Several black lifeguards whistled as they passed. Booker and Fred sat in the lifeguard chair before the girl's motel. "S'up ladies," said the black lifeguard. "Booker," said Vicki looking up at him adoringly, "thank you for this week. I learned a lot about myself from you. I'm sure gonna miss you." "Anytime ladies." Fred had been staring at Ginger the whole time. "What happened to you? I looked everywhere for you after you left, I almost went to the police." "I'm sorry Fred, but I needed more then you were capable of giving me." "What do you mean?" "Come on man," said Booker, "look at the sperm on her chin and in her hair. She had black cock last night." "Bye Fred, Booker," said Ginger and the four girls headed up the beach to their motel." "I really liked her." "Come off it Fred," said Booker. "There are plenty of sluts out there, you just have to get to them before I do." "Fuck you Booker, I'm gonna fuck more girls then you this summer if it kills me." "We'll see Fred. Take this hot mama for instance." A young mother carrying an infant was walking up from the water's edge towards them. Heavy, milk-laden breasts strained at her bikini top. She looked up at Fred and smiled at the handsome lifeguard, then her eyes fell on Booker and lingered, staring at his massive chest. Her eyes widened as they traveled down his body towards his tight swimsuit. "This is going to be a great summer," said Booker. ****************** Allison drove while the other three lightly dozed in the car. They were all exhausted, but also depressed to be leaving. Mandy had been dreaming about the black boys back home when she awoke. They were nothing like the men of Stony Harbor, deep down she sensed that she could fuck them all and would probably try as soon as she got home, but she also knew that they wouldn't satisfy her needs like the men last night had. The answer was simple. "What do you say, we all get summer jobs at Stony Harbor this summer?" she asked. THE END Black Dick Sucker the way the fellows in the bar greeted everybody. She told me her name was Christine. Within two days we were married. Christine told me that I was too good to be true, and the fact that I had been left a lot of money by a relative didn't seem to put her off in any way. Well that was two years ago. We have a nice house with a large garden and everything seemed to be going along fine until a week before her birthday, 5th of November. I asked her what she wanted as a present. "Can I have anything I want?" she asked. "Anything darling, you know that." "I want a black cock, a BIG black cock," she said. "If that’s what you want I will get it for you," I told her. I must admit I was shocked, she had never shown any interest in animals before. Anyway way two days before her birthday I had the chicken run built while she was out having her hair done. Then I went to see a friend who always seemed to be able to get me anything I needed with out the need for me to go shopping, (everyone knows him as Nick the thief by the way). When I told him my wife had asked Cuckold Slaves her nose as the smell emanating from his cock grew. She leaned so close that her nose was touching his shaft and then she was kissing it. Her tongue flickered out, licking up the shaft to the head, tasting his precum and licking into his pee-slit for more. Bull seemed to tremble as her tongue licked back and forth along the sensitive tip of his cock. Bull pulled back, almost causing Mandy to fall forwards she was so focused on his cock. He backed up to the bed and laid down, the matress sagging under his huge weight. "Strip for me," he said. Mandy stood and began removing her clothes. She was wearing a sexy two piece blue outfit that showed off her thin waist, belly, and complimented her pale skin. She quickly removed it and stood in her sexy bra and panties from "hidden closet". She quickly removed them too and found herself waiting...wanting his approval. "Yous is one sexy slut." Mandy beamed at him, glad that he liked what he saw and stood waiting expectantly. "You may comes plays with my cock again." She moved over to the bed and took his cock in hand again. "No," said Bull. "Lays across me, I wants to taste that pussy." Mandy climbed across his enormous belly. It wasn't uncomfortable, actually it was kind of like laying across a large bean bag chair, though underneath the fat was a hard layer of muscle. She started jerking and licking his cock again vaguely aware that he was pulling her ankles apart. She got the shock of her life when his tongue shot into her pussy. It felt bigger then her last lover's penis and Bull used it skillfully. She found herself having a long overdue orgasm as she came all over his face. The black man actually seemed to enjoy licking her pussy, his prehensile tongue causing her to squirm with pleasure. Mandy tried to ignore her pussy to concentrate on getting him off. She gripped his enormous cock with both hands and began stroking it while licking around the head. She pictured Booker's huge cock, Devon's, King's straing at his swimsuit in the hottub, the look on Ginger's face as a huge black cock pounded her pussy and Mandy realized she was a fool. Black cocks were what was missing from her sex life. Black cock was what she needed, not the limp dicked white boys she had encountered all week or the boy who came after three minutes on the booze cruise. She stroked Bull as rapidly as she could, several orgasms throwing off her rythym. Just as her arms became to tired to move his cock exploded. A wad of hot pudding slammed against her face with enough force to push her head back and hard enough that it stung a little. Another wave of sperm hit her face before she had even brought her head back from the first one. She clamped her lips around the pee-slit gagging as a third wad filled her mouth quicker then she could swallow, squirting out the sides of her mouth. Mandy closed her lips to keep from drowning as another wad engulfed her jaw, sperm shooting around the sides of her face. His tongue was going crazy in her pussy as he came and it gave her the biggest orgasm of her life. Mandy must of passed out briefly beause the next thing she knew, she was cumming again. She was on her back and Bull had pushed her legs up and back, while squeezing
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