Cuckold Slaves with Mia

Black Dick Cum Shots Cuckold Slaves Valerie checked herself in the mirror. She looked great. The black, silk, spaghetti strap dress she had picked up from her designer today looked great against her creamy white skin and blonde hair. The designer had done as she asked and made the dress to accentuate her great figure. It should be great. She'd spent enough money to make it that way. Her 46DD breasts, face lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction were done by the best plastic surgeon in the country. She new she looked more like 28 than 40. None of it seemed to impress her husband though. She'd married Jack Smith for the money 10 years ago. He was old New York money and ten years ago at age55 he had still been sexually active, and had dazzled this 30-year- old from the Midwest. Three years ago they had started having problems. He had lost interest in sex and was busy all the time. Plus he had started to snore so bad they now slept in separate bedrooms. Sexually she was going out of her mind. Kimi Young had invited them to this gallery showing two months ago and she'd made Jack put it on his calendar, then gotten this dress, and gotten her hair and nails done thinking she could seduce him. The artist, Aja, was well known for her erotic work. Plus the Smith's were patrons of the arts in New York, and needed to make these types of appearances. True to form, Jack had called at the last minute and said he couldn't make it and he was going to have to work late. To make matters worse, their old chauffeur had retired 4 weeks ago and jack had not found the time to replace him, so she would have to drive herself. How humiliating. But she was determined to go. She needed to get out. She looked at herself again in the mirror. The dress was a killer. It hit about three-quarter of the way up her thigh, showing off her great long legs, and showed a very ample cleavage. At least she'd turn a few heads she thought to herself as she picked up her purse and headed out the door. She found parking right around the corner on the fourth floor, and walked to the gallery. The minute she walked in the door, heads turned. I hope I hope I didn't dress too sexy she thought apprehensively. Just then Kimi came up to her and took her hands, Boy you look great she said, and Valerie felt better. She liked Kimi. She was a beautiful tall oriental girl and they had hit it of the first time they had met. Where's Jack she asked, Working Valerie said as the anger and frustration welled inside her. Never mind Kimi said it's a great party and Aja's work never fails to draw a crowd. She took Valerie's hand and made for the bar where she got two glasses of champagne as she handed one to Valerie, Kimi said, look at this crowd. It's great. Come on let me introduce you to the artist. She led Valerie to the far side of the gallery. As she walked she took in the artwork. It was definitely erotic, with men and women in all kinds of different sexual situations. As they got near the group on the far side, Valerie noticed a beautiful tall black woman. She was at least 5'10'' tall and an athletic thin body with long graceful legs, and the perkiest ass she'd ever seen on a woman. She had on a black leather mini skirt and a light black gauze top. She had the whole group's attention. Kimi touched the woman's arm, and as she turned around Valerie was shocked to see that the woman had on no bra and her breasts were clearly visible through the top. Aja, this is Valerie the good friend I was telling you about. Valerie, this is Aja, Aja this is Valerie. I'm pleased Aja said as they shook hands. Valerie couldn't help but stare at the woman's perfect full breasts as she replied. This woman exuded sex. OOPS, I have to greet some people, Kimi said. I'll leave you here. With that she bounded away, and Valerie was drawn into the group. She could see Aja staring at her when they were talking to other people, and it made her feel nervous, yet warm inside. She broke off after a little while and walked around looking at Aja's work. There was one piece she saw set off in an alcove she was really drawn to. It showed a black and a white woman in each other's embrace. It was titled Together. She stared for a long time until she was startled by an arm going around her shoulder. It's my favorite Aja said as Valerie felt Aja's breast through the fabric on her bare arm. I'm glad you like it. Someone called to Aja, and she gently squeezed Valerie and said I'll tell you about it later. Valerie's heart was racing. The woman's breast had felt so good against her arm. Soft a yet firm. She was flustered and went for another drink. An hour went by and the people thinned out, and Valerie felt a light buzz from the champagne. She went back over to look at that painting again. As she felt herself being absorbed by the painting, she felt a hand on her shoulder again. It's actually part of a set of three pieces, Aja said, but I thought the other two might be a little to provocative to bring. Valerie found herself saying she'd love to see them, without even thinking about what she was saying. Aja's eyes took her in as she replied my studio is right around the corner if you'd like to, I leaving now anyway. I'd love to Valerie said as if in a trance. They got their bags and left. CHAPTER TWO They walked hand in hand talking to Aja's. When she opened the door, Aja said, do you want something to drink. No replied Valerie I'm already a little giddy. There are the other two paintings Aja said as she pointed to the far wall. They both had the same two women as the one in the gallery. On e had the women kissing fully, and in the other they were performing oral sex in a 69 position. They were powerful paintings and Valerie couldn't help but feel aroused. She just stared. She felt hands on her shoulders and a shiver of excitement bolted through her body. Do you like them Aja said softly? Yes Valerie replied in a husky voice. Good because I was dreaming of someone just like you when I painted them Aja purred softly in Valerie's ear, then kissed her gently on the neck. Valerie melted and let out a low moan and leaned her head back. Aja continued to kiss Valerie's neck and side of her face as she moved up against her and reached around Valerie and cupped her breasts in her hands. You are beautiful she said. I have to see you, and she gently pulled the straps down Valerie's shoulders and moved her dress down her body. She gently turned her around and drank her in with her eyes. Valerie was moaning still and Aja pulled her to her, put her arms around her and kissed her deeply. Valerie's arms went up around Aja's neck as she eagerly returned the kiss. Valerie's mind raced with all kinds of thoughts but her lust drove her. She wanted this woman to want her. She could feel her bare breasts pressing into Aja's and it felt like nothing she'd ever felt before. Aja lead her into the bedroom stepping out of her mini skirt as she walked and pulling her blouse over her head. She got to the edge of the bed sat down and pulled Valerie forward between her legs. She took Valerie's breast in her mouth and Valerie cupped her hands around her head pulling Aja into her breasts. God you're beautiful Valerie whispered. Aja looked up with her big eyes and said softly, I've been waiting to find you. Valerie was overcome with emotion and bent down and kissed her fully on the mouth. Their tongues intertwined as they fell back on the bed. It was a deep soulful, loving kiss. They were running their hands all over each others body's trying to feel all of each other all at once. Aja gently rolled Valerie over on her back, and started to kiss her body, slowly working down to each breast, as Valerie leaned back and whimpered. She slowly worked her way down to Valerie's pussy, and when her lips touched her pussy lips Valerie came. Oh God she moaned as she felt Aja's tongue enter her pussy and touch her clit. She exploded again. Don't stop she begged as she moaned and bucked against Aja's face. She didn't have to worry. Aja had no intention of stopping. She wanted to please this woman like she'd never been pleased before. Valerie had struck a cord in her when they were first introduced. Something she'd never felt before. She wanted this woman as her lover. Valerie's orgasms were coming one after another. Asexual energy was moving into her body she'd never felt before. I have to taste you she said in a throaty voice. Aja moved around and put her pussy over Valerie's face. Valerie dove into the woman's body., kissing her legs, kissing her beautiful ass then diving into that beautiful pussy for all she was worth. The attack took Aja's breath away. She was cumming quicker than she had ever cum in her life. Both women became totally absorbed in each other's body. Valerie loved the taste of Aja's cunt and drank the pussy juice greedily as it poured out of her. Aja was feeling a raw animal energy. She inserted her thin long finger in Valerie's cunt and sucked on and flicked her clit. Oh yes Valerie wailed, Fuck Me. Aja put more fingers in. Valerie was so wet and bucking against Aja's hand as she tried to eat Aja between moans. Aja now had all four fingers in her, pumping them in to her in long strokes. Valerie was exploding. Cum was gushing out of her pussy. She felt like a wild animal. More she growled. Aja folded her thumb into palm and slowly started to push her entire hand into Valerie's hot tight pussy. Valerie felt a combination of pain and pleasure as the hand slowly was sucked into her pussy up to Aja's wrist. She started cumming uncontrollably. Her whole body shook. Aja slowly started to fuck her with her hand opening her like she didn't think possible. Then without warning Aja hit Valerie's G spot. Valerie's pussy exploded its juices all over Aja's face and hand. Valerie thought she was going to pass out the pleasure was so intense. She started to cry. Aja came around and started to kiss her face. Its all right baby let it out. Valerie was wild. She was kissing and licking her cum off of Aja's face. She pushed her down on the bed and moved down her body to her pussy, and started eating Aja with new abandon. Oh God babies, Yes. Eat me. Valerie wanted to devour her. She was still cumming herself. Aja started bucking against her face and hissing oh yea, eat me baby. Make momma cum. Aja exploded. Aaee e e I'm cumming she screamed. Valerie greedily lapped up her cum, then licked, it off her legs and down into her ass crack. Oh yea eat my ass Aja hissed again. Make me cum again. Valerie pushed her legs up and began to tongue her ass. Aja started to shake again and Valerie started to cum just from the thrill of the depraved act. They came together, and collapsed. Valerie crawled up into Aja's waiting arms and they held each other for a long time. They finally started to stroke each other. You were so hot Aja said as she lifted Valerie's chin and kissed her gently. I haven't had sex in two years Valerie blurted out. Aja looked startled. Why she said. My husband is to old and he's lost interest, Valerie told her. Besides she smiled up at her lover, the wait was worth it. I never dreamed of anything like this. Besides, I probably would have never done anything like this if we were having sex. Right now I can't imagine losing what you've given me. I love you for that. Well don't worry honey, we have a lot more to experience together, and I want to experience it all with you, Aja hummed as she kissed her again. Oh goodie, can we start now Valerie said. They both laughed and started to talk and laugh like a couple of young schoolgirls. After a while Valerie looked at the time and jumped up. I've got to go she said. It's really late. Thank god we haven't hired a new chauffeur yet and I had to drive or this probably never would have happened. You need a chauffeur Aja asked. I think I just might know the perfect guy. He just moved here from Chicago where he was doing just that, but the husband caught him fucking the wife, she said as she winked at Valerie. I'll have him call you in the morning she said. His name is Jerome. Valerie blushed and tried to protest but Aja simply waved her off. Aja walked her to the door and kissed her deeply They had exchanged phone numbers and promised to talk tomorrow. CHAPTER THREE As Valerie walked toward the parking lot she realized that she'd jumped into a whole New World sexually. She also realized she had to pee like a racehorse. There was a bar right before the parking lot and she darted in. It was dark as she looked for the restroom. She realized suddenly it was full of nothing but black men. She was afraid but desperate to pee and walked hurriedly into the bath room. She almost ran into the woman as she turned the corner in the restroom. Whoa white lady, the big black woman hissed. She was huge. At least 180 pounds on a 6' frame and her breasts were enormous. They took up the whole front of her black spandex top. She wasn't fat that was clear. Her tight jeans revealed a tight full ass and strong beautiful legs. Just big. She backed Valerie up to the wall and said, why the big hurry bitch . As she spoke she reached out and ran her fingers over Valerie's breast. I have to pee stammered Valerie and this is right next to the parking lot where my car is. Valerie felt lust and fear at the same time as the woman continued to touch her breasts. Well then we'd better pee then the woman said in a throaty voice . She grabbed Valerie's hand and roughly pulled her to a stall. Take your dress off the woman snapped. What ?, Valerie blurted. Don't give me no shit lady, the woman snarled . Pull that dress over your head. Valerie did as she was told as fear started to rise in her. The woman threw her dress over the side wall. Now stand over the bowl and pee the woman demanded. But it will go all over Valerie stammered. I don't give a shit the women said as she pinched Valerie's nipple. Valerie let out a cry and then , shaking started to pee. The woman moved forward and put her hand in the stream of Valerie's pee making it splatter all over as she reached into Valerie's cunt. Valerie startled. She couldn't believe it. She was getting excited all of a sudden . The woman reached up with her free hand and pulled her spandex top off her shoulder and hefted out her enormous breast. Suck on momma's titty while she makes you cum she ordered. She put the nipple in Valerie's mouth and Valerie started to suck. Valerie was getting more turned on by the minute . This huge woman was controlling her and she loved it. She sucked eagerly now as she felt her orgasm build. All of a sudden a warm liquid squirted into her mouth. Drink this black woman's milk bitch, the woman ordered. Valerie was really turned on now, and sucked on the breast with abandon. As the liquid flowed into her mouth she came. She came hard and the cum gushed out over the woman's hand . The woman had to hold her up by her pussy as she came , her hand effortlessly gripping Valerie's cunt and holding her. The woman pulled back and put her hand up to Valerie's mouth. Suck them clean she said. Valerie hesitated then did as she was told, tasting the combination of piss and cum on her fingers. Valerie felt depraved and yet more aroused than she'd ever felt before. She realized she was turned on by the depraved act, and this woman. When Valerie had licked the woman's fingers clean the woman stepped back and said ,clean yourself up. Valerie staggered over to the sink and started to wash up. When she was almost done the woman said, now me. Valerie obediently wiped the woman's shoes and jeans clean. Now dress, the woman ordered and let's see if I can get you to your car with out you getting raped by one of these men in here. She quickly took Valerie out the bar door and walked her to her car. As they rode up the elevator the woman stared at Valerie in a way she'd never been stared at before. You're one good looking white woman she said, and stepped out as the door opened. Once she was inside the car Valerie rolled down the big front window and whimpered a thank you. The woman leaned in and stuffed a card between Valerie's tits and ran her hand down to Valeries pussy and inserted her fingers. You call Ruby soon she said then kissed Valerie fully. . Valerie moaned and put her hand on the woman's neck as she pulled her into a passionate kiss. The woman pulled away as Valerie tried to swallow her tongue. Ooh-ee you're a hot one she hissed . She reached up and pulled her spandex top off her shoulder again as she continued to finger Valerie. You want to suck momma's big titty again bitch. Oh yes Valerie pleaded as the woman lifted it to her mouth. As the milk started to flow into her mouth Valerie started to cum., bucking against the woman's hand. Ride it the woman hissed , suck that big tiity. Wave after wave hit Valerie as she sucked and slurped on the woman's huge breast. Finally she collapsed back into the seat as the woman again put her cum soaked fingers in Valerie's Mouth . As Valerie sucked Ruby's fingers clean with abandon, Ruby said, you call Ruby and I'll take you places you never even dreamed of she said. You'll experience emotions you never imagined. Yes mame, Valerie whimpered. You better the woman said , or I'll have to come find you. You need what I can give you. Now get the hell out of here before I change my mind. Valerie got home and quietly went to her room. She could hear Jack snoring in his room. She went and took a hot shower reflecting on the night. She felt so alive all of sudden. She went to bed and fell into a deep sleep. CHAPTER FOUR Valerie woke after a sound sleep. It was Friday and she felt great. She remember back to last night, and instantly felt her self get wet. What a night, she thought and smiled. She wanted more. Just then her private phone rang. Hello Valerie said. Hi baby Aja said at the other end. Oh Aja, I was just thinking about you Valerie blurted in joy. Miss me Aja laughed . Yes replied Valerie. Me to said Aja. You were great. My inspiration for my next piece. Valerie felt herself blush and get wet at the same time. Listen, the other reason I called is I gave Jerome your phone number and he's going to call you this morning. I don't know if I should do this , Valerie said. Aja laughed then replied, don't worry. You'll like him. He's a real stud. I've got to run, love ya and hung up before Valerie could object. She went down to breakfast with her husband who was reading the paper. He looked up as she came in. I'm sorry about the opening but some really important business matters have come up. I'm going to have to work today Saturady, and Sunday, then fly to L.A. Monday evening for three days to try to close this deal. Was the opening fun, he asked Yes , she replied it was great. She was furious . He was never around any more. Suddenly she remembered Jerome. Dear we really need a new chauffeur and I have a candidate coming today that was a referral from a friend. Cuckold Slaves he called out. "Hi, Robert," she said as she gave him a quick hug. "Just meeting my husband for lunch." She chatted with him for a couple minutes before George said they should get going. They turned and headed for the elevator. As an afterthought, Robert called out "Hey guys, Mandy and I were going to take the boat out for a spin this Saturday, why don't you come along? George and I can do some fishing and You girls can get some sun. We'll make a party out of it." "Sounds good," said George. "Sure, sounds like fun," agreed Linda. Robert heard the phone ring in his office and ran to catch it after saying his goodbyes. "Hello, Robert Marsh speaking." "Hi Robert, it's Ty," replied the voice on the phone. Tyrell Jones was Roberts lawyer and had handled his two previous divorces. He was a giant well built black man with a quick wit and a dazzling smile. He won half is cases simply by charming the female jurors. The other half he won by being brilliant. He was extremely successful as a lawyer and had gotten to be a partner in his firm by merit. He resented the fact that some people always thought he was there to give the firm some "color" and he thought Tyrell Jones was too "black" a name so he always went by Ty. "Ty, how you doing," Robert asked? "Fine, just fine," answered Ty. "I'm calling cause I'm going to be down your way Saturday and wanted to know if you wanted to have lunch." "I can't Ty, the wife and I are taking the boat out with some friends of ours. Hey, why don't you come along?" "Sure, sounds like fun, especially if that hot little wife of yours is going to be laying around in one of her skimpy bikinis." replied the black man. "You know her," said Robert. "she's practically a nudist. Just remember to keep your hands to yourself." Tyrell had quite the reputation as a ladies man and Mandy always seemed to hang on his every word. Tyrell was the complete opposite of George. Ty and Robert would hit the showers after playing tennis for and where George's little dick disappeared beneath his paunch, Tyrell's cock seemed to always be half erect as it jutted out from his muscular physique. Ty's half-hard cock was as big as Robert's penis when fully erect. Where Robert occasionally joked with Mandy about George's little dick, he "somehow" failed to mention how hung Ty was. They made plans to meet at the boat around noon Saturday. Robert went back to work and promptly forgot about it. On Thursday, Mandy called him at work and asked if he would pick her up some cold medicine as she wasn't feeling well. When he got home that evening, she was already in bed with a fever and sore throat. By Friday morning, her condition had gotten worse. She went to the doctor and he gave her some pills to make her sleep through the weekend. Robert asked her if she minded him still going out on the boat with George and Linda and she told him to go have fun as she wouldn't be very good company that weekend. Robert got to work a little late that day after taking his wife to the doctors. He had a message waiting on his desk for him from his assistant. An important client was in town and wanted to meet with a Vice President of sales. The note said that Mr Quigley could meet with him if needed but he had plans on Saturday. Robert was reaching for the phone to call Quigley, when a thought occurred to him..... If he could get rid of George, he'd get the chance to be alone with the lovely Linda on his boat. Robert promptly rang up George's extension number. "George, I'm sorry but I need you to work tomorrow." He then explained the situation with the client. "That's ok, Robert" George said. "These things come up. It's a shame though, Linda was really looking forward to going out on your boat tomorrow. We already got a babysitter." "Let her come, she can keep Mandy company while I fish," he lied. Robert crossed his fingers while waiting for his reply. "I guess she will," said George."No sense in both of us missing out this weekend." Robert told his secretary he would be taking a long lunch break and he left the building, he wanted to plan how he was going to seduce his friends wife. He thought about it all through lunch and finally had an idea. Even if it didn't work, the plan would let him see what Linda looked like under all those baggy clothes. ******************** Saturday Cuckold Bondage Interracial Video pussy when Jerome came back with a load of clothes. Cool off bitch, he hissed. She loved when he talked that way to her. He went in and out. Once he made her lick his ass and balls. Another time he made her suck him. He fucked her against the wall. For last he fucked her ass again. He gave her more rush to snort, and she took two big whiffs. Her mind rushed, and all she could think about was getting that huge cock deep in her ass. He fucked her long and hard. She came twice while her reamed her ass. Just as he was ready to cum, he pulled out and shot all over her face. He slapped her face with his cock, and rubbed his cum all over her face with it. He then made her eat his ass once more. As he was ready to leave, he kissed her deeply. We have a lot to experience he whispered to her. I know, she replied in a husky voice. See you tomorrow, He cooed as he kissed her. I can hardly wait she purred. She watched him leave, then walked to the house. Her legs had cum running all down them. When she got to her room, she bent her ass to the mirror, and looked at her ass hole. It was wide open. She was ready. She got in the tube and soaked, trying to keep her fingers out of her pussy. She looked at the clock. 5:00 PM. She got out and got her body ready. She fluffed her hair, oiled her body, and took great pains to apply her make -up in a thick slutty fashion. She then picked a lavender, garter belt, nylon, bra, panty, and shoe outfit she'd had for three years. She'd never worn it since she bought it. She looked at herself. Perfect she thought. She then threw on a light, spaghetti strap, lavender dress over the top of ,her head, and looked at herself. She liked the hot slut that looked back at her. It was time to leave. Thank God Jack wasn't home yet. She wrote him a note and left. CHAPTER TWELVE When she arrived at Ruby's , she was in a trance. She was ready to do anything. Ruby opened the door, and again, Valerie's breath was taken away. Ruby was in all red. A latex vest top that pushed her breasts up and together with maximum cleavage. A pair of small short, latex shorts, and red thigh high, high heeled boots. She grabbed Valerie's hand and pulled her in. She grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and kissed her deeply. My baby she purred. Valerie melted. Are you ready, Ruby purred. Yes Mistress, she whispered. Good, Ruby cooed. Are you ready to do kinky sex for these men, she asked. Yes, exclaimed Valerie. She was excited beyond belief . Anything, Ruby asked? Anything you want Mistress, Valerie said. Good Ruby purred. They're paying me $25,000 for a good show. Valerie gasped. Yes, they expect a lot Ruby cooed, and we're going to deliver. She grabbed Valerie's hair and pulled her head back. Open your mouth, Ruby hissed at her. Valerie opened her mouth. Ruby leaned forward and let spittle run out of her mouth and into Valerie's. Valerie moaned. Then Ruby kissed her deeply. Go to the middle, it's time to get you ready. Valerie obeyed. Ruby came back from the table. She put Valerie's hands behind her, and handcuffed her. She lowered the chains from the ceiling and hooked her hands to them, then lifted. Valerie's arms went up and forced her forward somewhat. Ruby lifted her skirt. Good, no under pants, she cooed to Valerie. She took out a tube of KY jelly and squeezed it into a plunger. She then greased the plunger and inserted it in Valerie's ass. She pushed and Valerie felt the jelly run into her ass. She did that once more. She then took another tube and squeezed some into her hand, and shoved it in Valerie's pussy with her fingers. She repeated this process several times, then rubbed it thoroughly into her pussy lips. Valerie moaned. This is hot Ruby said. You'll start to notice it shortly. It will help you have a fantastic orgasm, Ruby purred. She spread Valerie's legs with the bar again. Then she came back with a new device. This head gear will go over you head, Ruby purred, and this large tube is going in your mouth. Put your tongue along the bottom, she said as she rubbed lotion on the tube. The lotion will keep your mouth from getting dry. Relax your throat like your going to deep throat that chauffeurs big dick. She put the tube in Valerie's mouth. It stretched Valerie's mouth wide. The tube ended at the back of Valerie's throat. She then moved in back an fastened the head gear. Ruby walked in front, admiring her handy work. The door bell rang. Just in time Ruby purred. She went to the front door. Valerie's heart raced, she was being exposed for the first time. Ruby greeted the men in fluent Japanese. They walked in and started walking around Valerie, talking with Ruby and amongst themselves. One of the men reached out and ripped Valerie's dress off. It startled her. He noticed the look of fear, and laughed. Ruby handed him a pair of scissors, and he proceeded to cut her bra off. Valerie's pussy was starting to get hot from the lotion. Her clit was on fire. It started to turn her on. They walked around taking turns feeling her body, squeezing her breasts, and pinching her nipples. Ruby said something and they all went and sat in the chairs in front of her. They poured scotch, and lit cigarettes. Ruby motioned one man up and handed him rope. He started wrapping Valerie's tits tightly with the rope. When he was done her tits were tightly wrapped all the way to the end, leaving the end exposed and the nipples hard, and her tits sticking straight out. He went to sit down, laughing and talking with the other men. Ruby came forward with a huge black dildo, and a leather thong. The men went silent. Ruby went behind her and slowly started working the dildo into her ass. It was thick and at least 11". Ruby worked it all the way in, then held the end with her thumb as she strapped the tong on Valerie. The leather thong went up her ass crack, over her hips and around her legs, holding the dildo in her ass. It buckled at her waist in front. She then took two plastic nooses, and tightened them around Valerie's nipples. Heavy string hung down from each one. She then attached the clamps to her pussy lips again. She hung weights from the claps, stretching her lips painfully, She then hung weights from the strings on the nipple clamps. The pain was intense, but she realized she wanted it. She started to cream herself as Ruby got the whip. The men were watching intently. Ruby started to whip her. The men got very excited and talked very fast. It turned her on to have these men watching her being used. She started to cum. A sound escaped from the tunnel in her mouth, and the men cheered. Ruby got the vibrator on the long stick, and turned it on. She said something to the men, and they laughed. Ruby was behind her and brought the vibrator up to her clit. The sensation caused Valerie to jerk, and the weights swung. The pain of the swinging weights, and the pleasure of the vibrator made her start to cum. The men were staring at her and laughing. It made her cum even more. Ruby stopped. She took off the weights, took the dildo out of Valerie's ass, unhooked her arms, And took of the hand cuffs. She led Valerie to the exam table. It was set low to the ground. She locked Valerie's legs and arms in, then tilted the table so her ass was in the air. Ruby strapped on the huge dildo, and shoved it in Valerie. She was rough as she fucked it all the way in. The men cheered again. Valerie started to cum again, and the sound out of her mouth again. Ruby pulled out and put oil on her hand. She started to work fingers into Valerie's ass hole. She took her other hand and with the riding crop, she slapped Valerie's exposed clit. Valerie went nuts. She exploded in a massive orgasm. When she stopped shaking, ruby took out a spreader, the kind a doctor uses when he examines you, and put it in Valerie's cunt. She spread it till Valerie thought she'd split. When she was done Valerie's pussy was spread wide open. She said something to the men, and they started getting up. Does baby want cum, Ruby hissed? The first two men had there cocks out and were beating off just over her face. Ruby started slapping Valerie's clit with the riding crop again. Valerie was wild. The first man started to cum. He aimed his cock at the funnel and his load shot out, down the funnel and on her face. The other men cheered. Valerie had never been so debased, and she loved it. The second man started to cum. He put the tip of his cock right at the tunnel entrance and shot down her throat. She felt the hot cum hit the very back of her throat. The first man went between her legs as Ruby moved to the side. Ruby said something to the man and he laughed. He started to pee in Valerie's open pussy from about six inches away. Ruby started whipping her nipples. The men came one after another in her mouth, and on her face, then peed in her pussy. Ruby slapped her tits and clit through the whole thing. She was being totally degraded and she loved it. She came over and over, with cum dripping down her throat and on her face, and pee filling her pussy. As the last man peed in her, Ruby moved over her body and straddled her head. Time to wash all that cum down she purred. She spread her pussy lips, and the men were all standing up watching. Ruby peed into the tunnel and in Valerie's face. Valerie opened her throat, and let the pee run into her gut. As she was peeing Ruby squeezed her breasts, and milk shot out onto Valerie's body. Valerie came again as the milk hit her over and over. The men were very excited now, and saying something to Ruby. Ruby replied. The men hesitated then agreed. Ruby untied Valerie, took off the tunnel head set, and undid the ropes. She helped Valerie up and led her to the tub. You OK baby, Ruby purred as she washed her. Yes Mistress. Did you enjoy that. Yes Mistress, Valerie replied. Well they're so turned on by the whole thing and by my milk, they've agreed to let you beat them, then they can suck on my breasts. Valerie came alive. Ruby finished and dried her off. Valerie put on her heels and grabbed the riding crop. The men who wanted to suck Ruby's breasts came forward one at a time and dropped there pants and bent over. Valerie gave each one ten hard lashes. The last one was tall and good looking, and he had a large cock. Valerie made him take his pants all the way off, then she felt his balls and cock. He got hard. Valerie got down behind him and started eating his ass. That's it girl Ruby purred. The other men talked excitedly. Valerie gave him ten light lashes, stopping in-between to play with him. She got down in the doggie position in front of Ruby and asked, will you let him fuck my ass while he sucks you Mistress. Ruby laughed and said something in Japanese to the man. He grunted and moved behind Valerie. He easily slid into her ass. He started fucking her hard, as she sucked on Ruby's tits. Ruby suddenly pulled away and got on the floor in front of Valerie. Eat momma's pussy slut, she hissed. Valerie dove in. The man drove into Valerie, pushing her face each time into Ruby's pussy. Valerie started to cum. Then the man moaned and his cum started to shoot in Valerie's ass. Then Ruby grabbed Valerie's hair and ground her face into her pussy as she to came. When they stopped, the men broke out in applause. They got up. Valerie bent over and spread her ass. Feed me his cum Mistress. Ruby stuck her fingers in Valerie's ass, and scooped around, then brought her fingers to Valerie's mouth. Valerie sucked on them eagerly. When she got them clean, Valerie strutted over to the exam table and sat down. She crossed her legs in a sexy fashion, and started to play with her nipples. The men talked to Ruby in an excited fashion. Ruby nodded her head. They handed her two fat envelopes. They talked for a while. Ruby motioned Valerie over. The men nodded to her. Some felt her body. She stood with her tits jutting out in a haughty fashion. Ruby slowly ushered the men to the door. She came back and smiled at Valerie. Well baby you were great. Valerie blushed. Did you like it Ruby asked? Yes, Valerie whimpered as she continued to blush. They liked it so much they gave me $10,,000. Valerie's eyes opened wide as Ruby poured the money out of the envelopes. Valerie clapped her hands. Ruby pulled her close and they embraced in a deep long kiss. Valerie moaned as she put her arms around Ruby's neck and they melted into a deep french kiss.. Ruby led Valerie to the coach and she sat down. Valerie put her legs around Ruby's and sat in her lap facing her. Suck on my titties my love, Ruby purred as she lifted a breast to Valerie's mouth. Valerie swooned and took the nipple in her mouth. Soon milk flowed. Valerie moaned as she sucked. You were the best Ruby said as she stroked her face with her other hand. I'm falling in love with you Ruby purred. Valerie moaned. Oh God, I love you to Mistress, Valerie cried, as she sucked on the other breast. I'm going to line a time up for you with a doctor I know to start your breast evaluation. She's the best in the world. Your breasts are going to be perfect Ruby cooed. She'll also pierce your pussy lips the way I want them. Valerie moaned, yes Mistress. They kissed deeply again. Now its time for us to make love Ruby said as she led Valerie to the bed. CHAPTER THIRTEEN Valerie stopped Ruby right before the bed and said bend over. Valerie dropped to her knees behind Ruby, and as if Ruby could read Valerie's mind she reached back and spread her ass cheeks. Valerie ran her tongue into Ruby's ass. Oh Yea Baby, Ruby cooed. I love that. Eat me. Valerie started tongue fucking Ruby's ass. Valerie started playing with Ruby's clit. Yea baby, Ruby hissed, Tongue fuck your mistresses ass. Make me cum. Valerie drove her tongue deeper. Yes, lick the shit right out of your Mistresses ass slut, Ruby moaned as she started to cum. Now its my turn Ruby purred as she threw Valerie on the bed. She licked and sucked Valerie's body all over. She made her body feel like it had never felt before. They kissed and hugged and felt each other in such a special way, Valerie was swooning. Then Ruby started to pump her fingers in Valerie. She got between her legs on her knees. Valerie looked at her magnificent lover as she spread oil over her hand. Valerie knew Ruby was going to fist fuck her, and she wanted it. You want it don't you lover, Ruby purred. Yes, Valerie cooed. I want you to fuck me. I love you Ruby, Valerie stammered and she started to cry. That's it baby Ruby purred. Let it all out while momma fucks you. Her hand stretched Valerie until she thought she was going to split, then suddenly popped in past her wrist. Valerie gasped as she cried. Ruby started fucking the inside of her pussy. Don't worry baby, Ruby cooed, soon we'll be together forever. Valerie really started to cry and moan at the same time. Ruby bent down and gently started kissing her clit. My beautiful baby, Ruby purred as she kissed her. Valerie started gasping as she came. Her cum flooded her pussy, and Ruby's hand slid easily in and out. Her whole body convulsed. Oh God, she cried out. Ruby slid her hand out and went up and took Valerie in her arms. Valerie kissed her like a woman possessed. They fell back on the bed together totally into each other. Hours later as they lay together, Ruby caressing Valerie's face, Ruby looked deep into her eyes and whispered, My lover. I've been waiting all my life for you. Valerie moaned and kissed her. I can't imagine being without you Valerie whispered. I love you. They fell into each others arms. Valerie got home at 1:00 AM and went softly to bed. She showered and looked at herself in the mirror as she inserted the new larger butt plug Ruby had given her. She slept dreaming of Ruby. She didn't wake until 9:00 the next morning. She felt totally relaxed. She put on a long blouse, took out the butt plug, and padded barefoot downstairs. Jerome was sitting at the kitchen table sipping coffee. I took your husband to work, and he told me to come back and see if you needed anything, he smiled. She laughed and bounced over and sat in his lap and kissed him deeply. They continued to kiss and murmur to each other as Jerome's hand made it to her pussy and he inserted three fingers. She moaned around his tongue. This was going to be great. He lifted her as he stood up and started to undress with her help. She threw off her blouse, and took his cock in her mouth. Lick my balls he moaned as she licked the length of his cock and took his balls one by one in her mouth and sucked, then licked all around them. He turned and spread his legs, and she pulled apart his ass cheeks and drove her tongue deep in his ass. Oh yea baby, he moaned, I love it when you do that. She thought of Ruby and the depraved act Ruby was going to make her do. It turned her on and she ate his ass with abandon. He stopped her after a while and lifted her to the kitchen table. He slowly entered her as she had her arms around his neck. She was hot and looser and in a few strokes he was in and fucking her hard. Yes fuck me she hissed, fuck me hard. His balls were slapping her ass and she felt like his dick was going to come out her throat. She started to cum. He kept fucking her hard. A-a-a-a-a-a-gh she cried out as she came. He shot in her. She could feel his hot cum. It made her cum even harder. They sat kissing each other for a long time with him still in her. Do you think you can take care of me while my husbands gone she cooed. I don't know he laughed, but I can sure try. He had to head back into town. Valerie felt good. She called Ruby. I can't wait to see you again, Valerie whimpered. Ruby laughed. Just fuck that big black dick you've got there and get ready for me. I've set up a time on Wednesday when we go to the doctor, She purred through the phone. I love you Valerie stammered. I love you to baby, Ruby purred. Now go be a slut. She hung up. Valerie thought back to how it all started. She thought of the picture Aja had painted. She called Kimi's gallery. She got Kimi on the line. Hi, Kimi said. It's good to hear from you. I wanted to spend time with you after the opening, but you were gone. Well you can spend time with me now Valerie cooed, I want that picture of Aja's in the back alcove. Really, Kimi asked? Yes, I really like it. I can bring it over later this morning, if you want Kimi said. That would be great, Valerie exclaimed, then we could spend some time together. I'd like that Kimi said in a sexy voice. Valerie went upstairs and took a shower. She thought about Interracial Creampie Thumbs

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She jerked her hand back and watched as his cock grew, his bikini brief looked like it would burst under the pressure. Oh my god," cried Linda as she turned bright red. "Ty I'm so sorry." "Think nothing of it," he replied smiling down at her. "It was an accident." She stared at his bulge for a few seconds. His cock was moving beneath his briefs, like a caged animal trying to break free. She felt funny deep in her stomach and attributed it to the alcohol. Robert glanced back at Ty and Linda. She seemed completely enthralled with the big black man. Ty was a complete professional when it came to seducing women and Robert realized he might not have been able to pull this off without him. Robert cut the motor letting the boat drift to a stop. Linda appeared quite drunk by this time. "Come on Ty, I know Linda's great company, but we're here to do some fishing." he called out. Linda looked around for a spot to lay down and seeing the only clear space in the back of the boat, she threw down her towel and laid down on her stomach. She was to shy to even remove her shorts in front of the two men. Ty went around to the prow and threw his line in the water. Robert looked down at Linda lying there facing away from him, it was time for phase three. He set the bucket of chum so that it was precariously perched halfway on the handle of a long fish net. The smelly contents of the bucket was pointed right at Linda. He then yelled to Ty that he was adjusting the boats position. He started the boat and turned it so that the waves were crashing into the side causing the bucket of chum to rock back and forth Finally, after a large wave hit the side, the bucket tipped over covering Linda with its contents. Linda screamed as the foul liquid covered her. She felt nauseous when she saw the blood and guts all over her body. She gagged when the smell hit her. Ty ran around the side to the back and said "Whats wrong I heard a ..." He paused and looked at her with mock disgust. "You should jump in the water and clean yourself up." "Yeah, I think I will," she replied as she picked a squid tentacle out of her hair. Robert was apologizing profusely as she jumped over the side and into the water. "Brrrr" the cold water made her shiver and her nipples got hard. She cleaned the pieces of chicken and squid off her body and called for Ty to help her out. Ty leaned one muscular arm down to her and hauled her out like she didn't weigh a thing. The men noticed her nipples were straining at the heavy fabric of her suit. She noticed that Robert had cleaned the deck off while she was in the water. Her shorts and suit were stained with blood and she still reeked. "Ty please go get my bag for me?" she asked. He went to the partially enclosed cabin and pretended to look for her bag. "Sorry Linda but I must have left our clothes in the bath house." She looked at Robert, he shrugged and said "My clothes are in the car." "Well what about a towel then?" she asked. Robert pointed at her beach towel, hanging over the railing, still covered in bait. "Thats it" he said. "Well I'm going to try to clean up better," she said and jumped back overboard. Robert leaned over and told her he thought he had some soap somewhere. When he came back, he threw the soap down to her and said, "Linda, you're in luck, Mandy left one of her bathing suits on board. "Great, throw it down," she called up to him. She scrubbed herself Interracial Gangbang Forum Mandingo 10 the bra cups and the shorts cut out, and take them off. You're going to have the experience of your life she said as she handed Valerie a bag with her clothes in it. You come back some time so we can have soma fun, she smiled up at Valerie. Thank you Valerie said , then turned and walked out of the office and through the store. Heads turned. She went out on the street and there was a taxi. She got in while attracting looks from everyone on the street. God this is actually turning me on she thought. On the short ride the driver couldn't take his eyes off of her in the mirror . She tried to strike her sluttiest pose. She quickly paid him and went to the door and rang number 115. She heard the door buzzer and ran for the door. She rode up by herself. It was a nice building. She got off and went to the end of the hall to 1005. She looked back down at all the doorways in the hall as she unzipped her bra cups and shorts cut out and put them in her bag. God what if somebody comes out and sees me she thought as she quickly rang the bell. It seemed that she stood there exposed forever until Ruby opened the door. Valerie's breath was taken away. Her huge breasts were sticking straight out from her body by at least two feet, held up by a bra that had three leather straps going around each side and under and up to padded shoulder straps. She had on six inch black pumps , black nylons, and garter. She had a huge black strap on dildo around her waist. Her hair was pulled back and tight on her head exposing a beautiful cruel face. Her lip stick was bright red. Go to the middle of the room Ruby said in a husky voice. Valerie did just that. As she went past her she couldn't help but brush those huge tits . Her pussy got wet. As she stood there Ruby picked up a ridding crop from a table off to the side and Walked around Valerie appraising her and saying good, good, good. Her breasts brushed Valerie all the way around, as she ran the riding crop over Valerie's breasts, ass an legs. Valerie felt shivers run through her. A combination of fear and lust. CHAPTER SEVEN You like Mama's big titties don't you bitch, Ruby said as she stood in front of Valerie. Yes Mame Valerie stammered. Do they turn you on Ruby hissed. Yes Valerie moaned. Kiss them then Ruby ordered as she stepped forward. Valerie started kissing them and putting her hands up to cup them. Whack went the riding crop on the side of her ass. Valerie yelped. I said kiss them not touch them Ruby hissed . Valerie quickly put her hands down at her side . Ruby pulled away and said, I think its time to get you ready. As she walked away ,Valerie noticed the Spartan room. Full length mirrors covered the walls , and curtains covered floor to ceiling windows all along the exterior. The floor was tiled and there were strange apparatuses around the room , and a table full of implements. Ruby came back with a pole and cuffs. Put these around your ankles and wrists she commanded. Yes mame, Valerie replied. When she was done Ruby bent down and spread her legs. She hooked the four foot pole to the ankle cuffs spreading Valerie's legs wide. She then told Valerie to lift her arms. Chains were suddenly lowered from mounts in the ceiling, an Ruby deftly hooked her wrist cuffs to them then pulling the chains until Valerie's arms were spread ,above her head. Very good she said as she walked back in front of Valerie. All of a sudden the riding crop ,came down hard twice across the top of Valerie's breasts. Valerie let out a yell of pain. That's good Ruby mummered. She went to the table and came back with items Valerie had never seen before. Ruby put grease on the butt plug and went around and worked into Valerie's ass. Valerie screamed in pain as the plug was roughly inserted in her virgin ass. Ruby then came around and attached nipple clamps to Valeries nipples. Valerie could barely stand the pain. She then went down and pulled and rubbed Valerie's pussy. Lust started to break through the pain. Ruby then roughly pulled one of her pussy lips away from her body an attached a clamp tightly. Valerie jerked in pain. Ruby brought the crop down hard on her ass. Hold still bitch or you'll really feel pain. I'm in over my head Valerie thought in panic to herself. Ruby pulled out the other pussy lip and attached the other clamp. She then attached chains with small weights to the pussy clamps and stepped back. Valerie had never felt this kind of pain . Ruby then turned and walked to the curtains and drew them all the way back. Valerie was horrified. There she sat exposed to the whole world. Luckily no one was close or had a direct view in She was feeling so many different things at the same time and babbling about changing her mind. Ruby told her to shut up or she'd be sorry. Valerie subsided into a whimper. Ruby went back to the table and picked up what looked like another stick and started to push a small exercise stepper in front of Valerie. She stepped up and spread her legs on the stepper. Her huge breasts were right in front of Valerie's mouth. She brought up the stick and cooed, you'll like this . It's a dildo on a stick she laughed as she turned the vibrating device on and brought it around and up to Valerie's exposed pussy. Valerie jerked as it hit clit. The weights pulled on her pussy lips. Suck my big titties bitch Ruby commanded as she applied pressure to Valerie's clit with the vibrator. Valerie started to explode. The pleasure and the pain mixing together were making her cum like never before. Milk started to flow from Ruby's breast into her mouth and Ruby moaned ,that's the way baby. Get me hot. The whole decadent, exposed picture she could see in the mirrors. The thought that someone might be watching turned her on even more now, and she started moaning in lust. You're a natural Ruby Hissed. You're my slave now and you'll do as your told. Understand, Ruby snapped. Yes mame, Valerie muttered as she sucked greedily on Ruby's tits. Do you want to be my slave . Yes Valerie moaned hysterically . Anything I ask Ruby asked. Yes Valerie moaned as she felt an orgasm over take her. Ruby didn't let up with the Vibrator and Valerie shook, moaning Oh God, Oh God, as the shacking made the weights move and pull harder on her pussy lips. The pain made her cum even harder. She was moaning and sucking as hard as she could on those magnificent breasts. That's it baby ,Ruby moaned . Let the Feeling Take you. Ruby came. She reached between her legs and scooped her cum on to her fingers and feed it to Valerie. Valerie slurped greedily on Ruby's fingers. Now you're starting to understand Ruby said. It's time to take you the rest of the way. You're mine now. She pulled away and Valerie moaned in disappointment. Ruby walked to the table and came back with a black leather lash whip. Valerie panicked again as Ruby walked behind her and started to bring the lashes down on her ass and legs. The pain was blinding, and the weights on her pussy lips swung even harder. Ruby' strokes got harder. Valerie's last thought was that she was starting to feel lust and enjoy the beating. Valerie came in a rush and passed out. CHAPTER EIGHT When she woke, she felt a hand rubbing oil into her throbbing pussy. She moaned. The last orgasm had made her pass out, but now she wantonly wanted more. Ruby had taken off her bra structure and her breasts were enormous. You ready to go higher slut, Ruby hissed . Yes moaned Valerie weakly. From now on it's Yes Mistress, Ruby snapped. You understand. Yes mistress, Valerie said meekly. Ruby stood and started rubbing oil all over the enormous strap on dildo. It was bigger than Jerome. I'll be torn apart she thought. But immediately she knew that was what she wanted. She wanted this enormous exotic goddess to tear her apart. She wanted to experience pain and pleasure with her. Ruby unshackled her and lead her to what looked like a doctors exam table with stirrups right in front of the window. Get naked and get up there and get your legs in those stirrups Ruby hissed. Valerie did as she was told feeling her pussy get wet in anticipation. Ruby locked her hands to the table while she let Valerie briefly suck on her breasts. She then locked in her feet. She came around and hissed, now the world is going to see you really get fucked bitch. And with that she started to push the enormous dildo into Valerie's pussy. The dildo split Valerie apart. She thought she felt flesh tearing and screamed and moaned. We're gonna fuck you good bitch, Ruby hissed ,and continued to work the monster into Valerie. Valerie's pain began to mix with an overwhelming lust rising out of her gut. She began to grunt. Then she started to flow with cum. A steady build up that increased with each stroke . Take it all Bitch, Ruby commanded. I know you want it. Oh God Yes Mistress Valerie groaned as she moved into the dildo and it sank in to the hilt. She almost passed out again. She could feel the dildo hitting her womb. Ruby held the dildo in her and brought the vibrator to her clit. Valerie exploded in waves of cum, and she shook violently. Ruby used her free hand to hold her down. As she was still cumming Ruby pulled roughly out , reached down and gave a handle a turn and Valerie's ass was raised further in the air. Now I'm gonna take your ass cherry, Ruby hissed. No pleaded Valerie. I can't take that she whimpered. Ruby ignored her and roughly pushed the head into Valerie's ass hole. Valerie had never felt such pain She started screaming and crying. This can't be happening she thought. I'm going to die. The pain grew as the dildo was forced further up her ass. Ruby pulled out and took the lotion bottle, stuck it in Valerie's ass and squeezed. Oil shot into Valerie's bowls. She then reapplied lotion to he cock and stuck it back in Valerie's ass hole. She started to push harder and the dildo started to move further into Valerie's ass . Ruby smacked Valerie on the ass hard, making Valerie jump and accidentally take the dildo deep into her bowls. Relax Ruby hissed and started rubbing Valerie's clit between her thumb and forefinger. The pain started to give way to pleasure as Ruby started stroking the Monster in and out of her ass hole. Valerie started to buck. What are you doing to me she murmured as she tossed her head back and forth. I'm making you mine Ruby purred. Valerie's eyes looked out the window and she got hotter thinking of someone watching this depraved scene. She could see the huge dildo going into her ass in the reflection in the glass, and she started to grunt. Her ass muscles gripped the huge dildo as she started to cum, Just then Ruby drove four fingers into Valerie's pussy. Valerie thought she'd been torn apart. Yet she exploded in an orgasm that was beyond anything she'd ever felt. This can't be happening she thought, I love this. She was racked. Ruby pulled out of her slowly as she continued to cum . Ruby stepped out of the dildo and walked around to Valerie's side as Valerie whimpered and thrashed on the table. She lifted a huge breast to Valerie's mouth. Valerie greedily sucked in the nipple and sucked like a depraved animal on the huge breast. That's it slut , suck momma ,Ruby hissed. Milk started to flow instantly into Valerie's mouth. Ruby grabbed her other tit and started to squeeze it . Milk squirted on to Valerie's breasts and body. Ruby continued to squeeze. She covered Valerie with breast milk as Valerie went crazy sucking her breast. This was the best one she'd ever found, Ruby thought to herself. This was the one she'd been looking for. Momma loves her little slut Ruby cooed. Did you know that she cooed again to Valerie. Valerie looked up with love and lust in her eyes and blurted God I love you. I want you to use me. I want to make you happy. I never want to lose you Mistress Valerie moaned. Don't worry. We'll be together a long time Ruby cooed to her slave. Ruby pulled away and released Valerie's hands from there restraints. She walked over and picked up a tubular glass cylinder with a candle in it. She lit the candle and walked back to Valerie. She came back to her side and lifted her breast back to Valerie's mouth. She took Valerie's hands and rapped them around her mammoth breast. Make momma's breasts feel good baby, She cooed to Valerie. Valerie sucked as her hands tried to encircle the huge breast. Her desire was overwhelming her now. Ruby rubbed the milk into Valerie's body. She took the candle and tilted it six inches above Valerie's breast. Valerie watched as the hot wax ran out of the container as if in slow motion. Milk was running into her mouth as the first stream of wax hit her nipple. A jolt of pain and pleasure ran through her. She grunted and sucked the breast harder as she felt a strange climax building in her. Ruby poured wax on to her other nipple and Valerie grabbed Ruby's other tit and started sucking and kneading it with her hands. Yes she moaned through clenched teeth. I want more. What do you say? Ruby asked. I want more Mistress, Pleas-s-s-e-e she begged as Ruby poured more on both nipples. Valerie's strained with pleasure and pain as they got rock hard. Oh God she moaned as she tried to suck on Ruby's breast and control her body. Ruby deftly moved down and poured hot wax on Valerie's clit . Valerie was hit with instant intense pleasure brought on by the pain. She grunted like a depraved animal. It was like she was outside her body. Ruby poured a large stream of hot wax that hit her entire exposed pussy. She came so hard the cum squirted like pee out of her pussy. She screamed. Oh my, baby's there now Ruby cooed, and poured more wax out on her legs , breasts and pussy. Valerie was thrashing , holding on to Ruby's breast, and cum continued to squirt like a fountain out of her raw pussy. CHAPTER NINE Ruby put the candle down and cradled Valerie's face in her hand as Valerie shook through the spasms of the massive orgasm. That's it Ruby hissed lustily. Give your cum to your mamma. Valerie was still panting as she finished. Her head was swimming as Ruby unlocked her feet and brought her legs down gently. Do you feel good baby? Ruby said in a loving voice. God I've never , ever felt like this she said still in a daze. Do you want to help mamma cum ? Ruby cooed. Yes Valerie whimpered, as she felt herself get wet again at the thought of making this magnificent woman cum. Ruby went back to the table and came back with oil and what looked like a strap on dildo. Can you stand up Ruby asked. I think so, Valerie said as she stood on still wobbly legs. Ruby lead her to the huge circular bed at the far corner next to the window. She sat down an pulled Valerie up to her. She rubbed the cool oil over Valerie's body, removing the wax as she went. Valerie held on to Ruby's shoulders as she felt relief and love flood through her. When she had finished she said, lift your leg, to Valerie and did so with out thinking. She just wanted to obey. Valerie felt Ruby pull the strap on dildo up her body and she looked down through lust glazed eyes. Baby 's in a different world, aren't you, cooed Ruby to her conquest. Yes purred Valerie. The strap on had a dildo on the inside that Ruby inserted into Valerie's pussy as she worked the device on to Valerie's hips. Ruby synched the device tightly as she could around Valerie's waist. The dildo sticking out from Valerie's body was huge. Valerie was getting turned on as she looked at her image in the mirror and then in the open window reflection, hoping some one was watching. Now come make love to Mamma Ruby said as she rubbed oil on the dildo and laid back on the bed Valerie was blind with lust as she got on the bed and guided the huge dildo into her Mistress. She was going to fuck Ruby long and hard she thought to herself. Ruby groaned and Valerie reached up and tried to cup Ruby's mammoth breasts. She started pumping into Ruby. Ruby moaned. Her head thrashed as Valerie bent down and sucked on one tit. Valerie started fucking hard. Ruby cried out, Yes! Fuck Me Baby! Valerie could feel the dildo on the inside, in her cunt, fucking herself as she fucked Ruby. Oh God I Love You Mistress Valerie hissed out between clinched teeth. I love you too Baby Ruby moaned as she rocked back bringing Valerie up in the air and down to Ruby's waiting mouth . They embraced passionately as they found each others mouth in a deep wet French kiss. Their tongues thrashed around in their mouths trying to go as deep in each others throats as possible. Valerie was pumping furiously into Ruby's pussy. They both came at the same time, moaning in each others mouths as they were swept through the orgasm. As the orgasm subsided, they hugged each other and Ruby kissed all around Valerie's Face. Are you ready to give your self completely she Whispered. Yes! Valerie exclaimed. Totally without question. Yes Valerie cooed. Anything Ruby asked. Anything Valerie said. One final test then Ruby said as she looked deeply into Valerie's eyes. Get up she said as she pushed up off the bed. They walked to the large bath tub. I'm going to give you the ultimate gift, Ruby cooed as she positioned Valerie in the tub. She stood with her feet on each side of the tub and moved up till she was directly over Valerie. Do you want your gift from your Mistress Ruby hissed lustily as she pulled her pussy lips apart. Yes Valerie hissed back. Open your mouth slut, Ruby commanded. Valerie leaned back and opened her mouth , knowing what was coming now and wanting it. Ruby's piss shot out hitting Valerie in the face as Valerie tried to get the stream in her mouth. Ruby moved, showering Valerie's body with piss, then directed the stream directly into Valerie's waiting mouth. Drink momma's beautiful piss slave, Ruby hissed. Show you're committed. And Valerie drank with abandon. She wanted it . She wanted to show this woman she was hers for the taking. As the stream diminished , Ruby moaned , eat me baby. Valerie quickly came up and started eating Ruby's cunt. Ruby started to cum. Valerie could taste the cum mixing with the pee. She started to cum also, as she ate her mistress. It seemed to go on forever, until Ruby pulled away shaking. Enough she said. Did baby like momma's gift she asked? Yes Valerie said looking up into her eyes like a puppy. I'd do anything for you Valerie purred. I know you would Ruby cooed down at her. Ruby grabbed the spray handle on the tub and turned the water on semi-hot. She sprayed Valerie for a while Mandingo Real Black Monster Cock Videos Ty removed his hand and she began deep throating him on her own. "Thats it baby, now your doing me right." he moaned and began fucking her face. She hadn't blown George since they were first married, and she always figured she wasn't any good at it, as he quit asking her. Now she was proud that she could give a man such pleasure. Robert was pounding her pussy hard now, he was panting and his rhythm was off. "I'm getting close Linda" She took her mouth off Ty's dick and said "Do it baby, fill my pussy with your cum." He groaned as his cock erupted inside her. The hot liquid sprayed places in her pussy she didn't even know existed and she screamed in pleasure as the biggest orgasm yet rocked her body. Robert pulled his cock out and she felt empty without him in her. His cum leaked from her pussy and formed a pool on the deck beneath her. He even cums more then George, she thought. Linda then turned her concentration towards Ty's cock, glistening before her covered in saliva. She deep throated him again, bobbing her head for twenty minutes, until with a animalistic bellow he blew his load into her mouth. The hot sperm slid down her throat and then quickly filled her mouth, and leaked down her chin. She removed her mouth to swallow and a second stream erupted from his cock, soaking her face. She was surprised at how good it tasted and how good it felt giving this incredible man such pleasure. The sun was getting low as she cleaned off his cock with her tongue and then she turned to Robert and said "This has been an incredible experience,but we really should get going." Robert put his briefs back on, and started the motor up. As they headed back to shore, Linda turned to look at Ty. His 11" monster was still rock hard, its big black head pointing at her. "What? how? its not possible," she said as she shook her head in disbelief. Ty yanked her g-string off and pushed her down to her back. "No, please don't" she begged him, as he pulled her legs apart and placed his cock on her pussy lips. "Ty stop, theres no way I can take that thing." He reached over and grabbed the coconut oil. He emptied the bottle's contents all over his cock, lubricating it fully. Ty then worked the big head inside her pussy. Her pussy seemed to spasm and suck his cock inside even further. He pushed it in eight inches and stopped so she could get used to it. It hurt a little as she was stretched out like never before. Linda looked over at Robert pleading with her eyes. He just shrugged and continued steering the boat. Ty pushed another inch in and paused again. The pain was being replaced by waves of pleasure and she purred as he began fucking her with nine inches. He began working more of his dick inside her as she moaned "do it, baby I want it all." Ty slammed the remaining two inches into Linda and began fucking her with his cocks entire length. "Damn Bitch, that's one tight pussy you got," he grunted. "Its like you've never been fucked before." Her pelvis was writhing around on his cock each time he impaled her. "I've never been fucked, not like this." Robert winced when he heard that. Ty reached over and began squeezing her breasts with one large oil soaked hand. He squeezed her nipples between his fingers. and began rolling them back and forth. Linda was moaning as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure permeated her body. "Fuck meee, Fuck meee," she screamed. "I love that big black cock. Don't ever stop fucking me." "Well its your lucky day bitch," he said between gritted teeth. "I don't usually cum so quickly, I'm going to last a long time." He pulled her on top of him and she bounced on his cock like a rodeo star. He let her fuck him like that for awhile before he pulled her off, to her displeasure. He stood her up and led her over to the side of the boat. Ty leaned her over the railing and fucked her doggy style as the waves crashed in her face. They passed another boat and Ty waved at the old couple looking at them with disgust written all over their faces at the black animal rutting with the white slut. Later, Linda was riding his cock screaming as Ty sat in the mates chair, when he came again. They had been fucking for an hour and she passed out with pleasure as his cum sprayed the inside of her pussy. She awoke 15 minutes later, his semi-erect cock still buried in Cuckold Escort with perfume. She applied heavy make-up and deep bright red lipstick. She took out the latex sleeveless vest and put it on. She only buttoned the bottom two buttons, leaving her tits almost hanging out. She inserted the big butt plug and pulled on the latex thong panties to complete the out fit, then admired herself. Hot! She got her purse and walked out the door and drove to Kathy's. When Kathy opened the door her mouth fell open. Kathy had on a flimsy nitey, and she looked like an innocent school girl. May I come in Valerie cooed. Y-e-e-e-s stammered Kathy. Do you like my outfit Valerie purred as she stepped in and took Kathy in a deep embrace and kissed her fully? Yes Kathy whispered. Good Valerie said as she strode into the living room with her toy bag. Kathy followed. Valerie took her hand and guided it inside her vest. Um-m-m Valerie cooed. That feels good. She moved her hand up to Kathy's pussy and started stroking it. Oh God Kathy moaned. Valerie unbuttoned her vest and let it fall open. I'm going to teach you today, Baby, Valerie purred to her. Are you ready. Yes Kathy moaned. Suck my nipples, Valerie commanded. Kathy bent down and took her nipples into her mouth. Valerie pulled her hard against her breast. Bite them Valerie hissed as she threw her head back. Valerie pushed her back. Strip, she commanded. Kathy stripped. Valerie led her to the coach and pushed her down. She got the bag and brought out the ankle and wrist cuffs. Help me put these on she said as she started putting them around Kathy's ankles. Kathy helped. What are you going to do with these she said sheepishly. Make you my love slave Valerie cooed as she tightened the last one and pushed Kathy back on the coach. Valerie went immediately for Kathy's pussy and licked her tongue up the length of it. O-o-o-h moaned Kathy. Valerie starting eating her pussy tenderly. She got wet immediately. Valerie knew then she had her. Valerie stopped and reached into the bag again she pulled Kathy up and kissed her deeply. You're so hot Valerie purred as they kissed deeply. She pushed her back and took her nipples in her mouth, and got them hard. She then attached nipple clamps connected by a chain to Kahty's tits. A-a-agh Kahty groaned. Relax baby, Valerie cooed as she kissed her gently. It will really increase the pleasure. Valerie stroked her pussy as she kissed and talked to her. Kathy began to moan. Valerie took out the chains and connected Kathy's hands to her feet, leaving her totally exposed. The whole process was turning her on. She stuck her fingers in Kathy's wet pussy and started finger fucking her. Kathy moaned and started moving into Valerie's hand. Valerie went down and flicked her clit with her tongue. Kathy let out a cry, and gushed cum. Valerie reached up and pulled on the chain as she drove four fingers hard into Kathy's pussy. Oh god, cried Kathy. Valerie pulled again on the nipple clamp chain as she fucked her hard with her hand. Cum for your Mistress, Valerie commanded. You do want me to be your Mistress, don't you, Valerie asked as she fucked Kathy and pulled on the chain. Yes, Kathy cried out. I'm C-u-m-m-ing Kathy moaned as she thrashed below Valerie. Valerie pushed her hand harder. She almost got her fist in, but Kathy was bucking to much. My turn Valerie hissed as she jerked her hand out and got up. She moved up on the coach and positioned herself above Kathy's face. Eat me slave, Valerie cooed. Kathy eagerly dove into Valerie's pussy. She was licking Valerie all over, and sucking on her clit. Do I taste good Valerie asked? Um-m-m Kathy replied. Make Mistress cum, Valerie hissed as she felt an orgasm building. Valerie exploded, smashing her pussy into Kathy's mouth. Oh yea, eat that cum bitch. Make me happy. Kathy licked her clean. Kathy was panting as Valerie pulled away. Time for a special treat, Valerie purred in her ear as she bent down and licked her cum off Kathy's mouth and kissed her deeply. Valerie got up and went to the bag and pulled out the large, black strap-on dildo. Kathy's eyes got big as Valerie stepped into the straps. She walked forward unfastened Kathy, and purred, help me fasten this around my waist, baby. W-W-W-What are you doing stammered Kathy. I'm going to fuck you dear with my big black dick, Valerie purred. I can't take that Kathy whimpered. Sure you can, Valerie cooed. Why just last night I had two big black dicks in my pussy and my chauffeur's thirteen inch, thick, black dick in my ass. Don't worry baby, you'll love it, and want more. Do you want to full fill your desires, Valerie asked? Yes, Kathy meekly replied. I thought so, and I'm going to lead you Valerie stated. I will be your Mistress, Valerie continued as she took out a collar and fastened it around kathy's neck. She attached a leash. You'll find having your pussy and ass stretched is one of the greatest of all pleasures. I want you for my slave Kathy. I need you. Trust me. Yes Mistress, Kathy whispered. Valerie leaned down and kissed her deeply. Now suck your Mistresses cock, Valerie commanded as she pulled Kathy forward with the leash. Kathy tried to get the dick in her mouth. Reach around and feel the butt plug in my ass, Valerie commanded. Push on it, Valerie hissed. Kathy pushed on the base of the plug. Relax your mouth. Kathy started getting more and more of the dildo in her mouth. Valerie was getting hot. She pushed Kathy back, took out the oil, and spread it all over the large dildo. She moved up between Kathy's legs and pushed the head in her slit. Oh God, Kathy whimpered, its to big. Quiet Valerie snapped as she smacked her ass with her bare hand. She pulled back and squirted oil in Kathy's pussy, then inserted three fingers and started working them in and out. Kathy started to respond. Yes, she moaned. Valerie inserted four fingers and started fucking her hard. She pushed in all the way to her thumb and spread her fingers inside Kathy. Valerie pulled her fingers out and squirted more oil in Kathy. She moved forward and pushed the head of the dildo in Kathy's pussy. Take your Mistresses big dick, Valerie commanded. Kathy started moving. Valerie reached down and played with her clit. The dildo started slipping in. God it's splitting me apart, cried Kathy. Valerie pushed harder. The dildo slid in suddenly almost all the way. Kathy gasped. Valerie held still, and flicked her clit, as she reached up and pulled the nipple clamp chain. A-a-a-e-e-e, Kathy yelled. Valerie held the chain tight, pulling on Kathy's nipples. She started moving the dildo slowly in and out of Kathy's cunt. Kathy started to grunt. That's it baby, take momma's dick. She slid out further and slammed back in. Kathy let out a gasp as the dildo sunk in to the hilt. Valerie started fucking her harder. Oh sweet Jesus, Kathy cried as she started moving to meet the thrusts. Does it feel good my little slave, Valerie cooed? Oh Yes, Kathy cried. Valerie was getting really turned on. She started fucking Kathy hard, ramming in and out of her. Do you love your Mistress, Valerie grunted as she violently fucked her. Y-e-e-s M-i-s-t-r-e-s-s , Kathy cried out. Cum slut, Valerie hollered as she herself started to cum from the dildo rubbing her clit. Kathy screamed as she came. She bucked underneath Valerie and thrashed around, pulling the nipple clamps harder and extending her nipples far from her breasts. Turn over Valerie said gasping as she pulled out. Kathy immediately turned over. Valerie rammed back into her from behind. Oh God Kathy yelled from the force. Valerie started slapping her ass. So good baby. Your Mistress loves you she hissed. She squeezed oil on to Kathy ass and her hand. She inserted two fingers, with force, into Kathy's ass hole. A-a-a-gh Kathy grunted. Valerie started working her fingers in and out of her ass , matching the thrusts with the dildo. Kathy began a low wail. I'm c-u-u-u- m-m-m-ing she moaned. Valerie was so hot as she watched the young woman go through her orgasm. CHAPTER SEVENTEEN Valerie pulled out. Quick, get up, Valerie commanded as she stepped out of the dildo. Kathy stood, and Valerie had her step into the dildo and strapped it securely on her. Valerie took out the butt plug. Turn around she said. Valerie greased the butt plug. I want you to fuck my ass, Valerie hissed. First you need this in you. She slowly pushed the large plug into Kathy's ass hole. Kathy jumped. Valerie slapped her and pushed harder. Relax and take it if you want to fuck me bitch. Kathy groaned as the big plug went in to the hilt. God Kathy moaned. Valerie turned over. Fuck my ass slut. Kathy moved up behind, and grabbed the oil. No oil Valerie hissed. Ram it in me. Kathy moved up and pushed till she found the right spot. Push hard bitch, Valerie yelled. Kathy pushed with all her might and the monster slid into Valerie's ass hole all the way. Oh God Yes, Valerie cried. Make my ass hole hurt baby, fuck m-e-e-e, Valerie groaned. Kathy started fucking her hard. Valerie reached back and started playing hard with her clit. Fuck your Mistress good baby. Do you like fucking my ass baby. Yes Mistress Kathy moaned. Oh yea. I'm gonna cum, Valerie hissed as her body started to shake. Kathy moaned and started ramming her with abandon. I'm cumming Kathy mumbled as she fell on top of Valerie. They recovered slowly. Valerie turned and they kissed deeply. Valerie was still hot. She wanted more. Kathy pulled out and Valerie took off the strap-on off her, and pulled out the plug out of her ass and stuck it back in her own ass. They kissed in a deep French kiss. You're so hot, Valerie cooed as she licked her ears and neck and kissed her again. God, I've never been so turned on Kathy moaned. I've got to pee she said. The thought excited Valerie. Come, Valerie said as she grabbed her hand, let's go to your bathroom. Kathy led the way. Valerie got on her knees in the tub. Stand on the side, spread your pussy and pee on me baby, Valerie purred. Kathy stood on the side of the tub and Valerie moved up with her open mouth right below her. Kathy's pee shot out. The initial steam hit Valerie in the chest. Oh God Valerie, Kathy moaned. Valerie quickly moved to take it in her mouth. She started drinking. God, Kathy exclaimed wide eyed as she watched this beautiful woman drink her pee. It excited her. Valerie let her warm pee wash her face and breasts, then drank more. Kathy was getting very excited. As her piss subsided, and started to drip, Valerie went up and took her pussy in her mouth and started eating her. Kathy came immediately. Feels so good, Kathy mumbled as Valerie licked her cum and piss from her pussy. Kathy dropped to her knees and kissed Valerie deeply. She then started licking her pee off Valerie's face, neck, and breasts. Oh yea baby, Valerie moaned. Will you pee on me Mistress, Kathy whimpered. Valerie stood, not believing how easily Kathy had fallen into her grasp. Are you ready to commit to me baby, Valerie asked as she stood and spread her pussy. Yes mistress, Kathy said panting. You'll do anything. Anything, Kathy whimpered. Including serving my Mistress and me. You have a mistress Kathy whimpered in a startled tone. A glorious Mistress, Valerie said. I'm totally committed to serving her. You would serve both of us, and anyone else we asked you to. Yes mistress, Kathy panted with her tongue out and opening her mouth. I love you baby, Valerie cooed as she shot her piss down Kathy's throat and on her face. Kathy gagged as she started to swallow, then moved closer as she started drinking enthusiastically. Yes baby, drink your Mistresses golden nectar, show me your love. Kathy moaned through her open mouth. I'm going to start spreading your pussy and ass hole. You'll love it, Valerie cooed as her pee ran into Kathy's waiting mouth. As her pee stopped, Valerie turned around. She took out he butt plug. Lick it while I show you how open my ass is, she hissed. She took her hands and spread her cheeks and relaxed her muscles. She could feel her ass hole opening wide. Kathy gasped, My God, I could get my hand in there she whispered. Eat me, Valerie moaned. Make my ass feel good baby. Kathy dropped the plug numbly and moved as if in a trance, up to Valerie and stuck her tongue in. Deep Valerie moaned. Tongue fuck my ass, lover. Kathy put her hands up on her ass and drove her tongue deep, licking everywhere. I can't stand it Valerie hollered. Am I doing something wrong Mistress, Kathy whimpered. No baby, Valerie cooed as she turned and lifted her up. Your doing everything so right. She kissed her deeply, then licked her face and neck, tasting her own pee. I want you so bad, Valerie purred as she led her back to the living room. Valerie laid on the floor. Get the oil, she commanded. Now rub it all over those beautiful long fingers of yours. I want you to fist my pussy and ass at the same time. Valerie grabbed pillows off the coach and propped her ass up in the air, Do it baby, fold your hands like this and push them in me. Valerie threw her legs back towards her head, and grabber them with her arms. Kathy moved up between her legs and put the tips of her fingers at the two open holes. You're so wide open she purred. It's beautiful. She shoved and both hands started sinking in. She worked them back and forth in unison. They crept deeper and deeper. Squirt oil in me, Valerie hissed. Kathy took her hands out and pushed the oil bottle in to both holes and squirted oil into her, then all over her hands again. Now fuck me baby, Valerie groaned. Kathy shoved both hands in. They went in up to the knuckles. Shove you bitch, Valerie screamed. Kathy was so excited she drew back then shoved up to her knuckles easily and pushed hard. Both hands popped in up to her wrist. Valerie was panting. Shove deeper she gasped. Kathy slowly pushed deeper. Now fuck me Valerie moaned. Kathy started stroking in and out. Her hands went deeper till she could feel the back of Valerie's pussy. Oh God I love you Valerie moaned. Kathy started fucking her harder. She could feel her hands rubbing each other through the thin membrane separating Valerie's cunt and ass. Kathy knew she was in love. She loved this decadent sex, and this incredible woman. You're so beautiful Kathy blurted out, and started to cry. Let it out baby, Valerie cooed as she started to cry also. Then Valerie started to scream. She was cumming in a wonderful burst of joy. Fuck me my love she screamed. Kathy fucked her hard with both hands, crying as she did so. Valerie shook all over, cum gushing around Kathy's hand. Her bladder let go again at the same time and pee shot out. Kathy cried out as she tried to lower her mouth to catch it. Stop, Valerie cried out. I'm to sensitive. Sobbing Kathy slowly and gently pulled her hands out. She looked at Valerie. Her pussy and ass hole were wide open. Clean me Valerie moaned. Kathy leaned forward and used her tongue to lick deep into Valerie's pussy, sucking and licking up all she could. She then went down to her as and licked deep into Valerie's ass. Valerie shook. God your making me cum again. Help me up Valerie whimpered. Kathy pulled her up and they embraced. Valerie took her hands and started licking them clean. Kathy licked with her. I can't believe I found you she sighed. Me either, Kathy purred. I never knew anything could be like this. They kissed deeply for a long time. They stayed in each others arms for a long time, kissing and licking and laughing. They licked the tears from each others eyes, and cooed I love you's to each other over and over. Valerie felt her holes. God she said. She got up and went to the mirror and bent over and looked. Her holes opened wide as she relaxed. That's so sexy, Kathy purred. Valerie looked at her and went back to embrace her. Valerie started telling her about Ruby and Jerome, and what Ruby's instructions to her were. I want to take you with me tomorrow to meet her Valerie said as she kissed her gently on the lips. Oh Valerie, Kathy whimpered, thank you. I want you to be with us, Valerie purred. They kissed again, slowly lowering to the floor in each others arms. Would you like Jerome to fuck you she whispered in Kathy's ear. Yes, please Mistress, Kathy moaned as she held Valerie tight. His cock is wonderful, Valerie whispered. I know he wants you. He does, Kathy asked. You bet. Your a beautiful sexy woman. Any real man would want you. From now on though, all we can fuck is black men with big dicks, and that's just to prepare us for our Mistress. I'm nervous, Kathy whimpered. Don't be baby, I'll be with you always now. They melted into a sensual kiss, and made soft love to each other for hours, cumming over and over again. The day slipped away. Why don't you come home with me, Valerie purred. Bring some clothes and we can go straight to the doctors tomorrow from my house. I want you to feel Jerome's cock in you tonight too, she cooed. I'd love to, Kathy purred as they kissed again. They arrived around 4:00, and Jerome wasn't back yet. They giggled as they ran upstairs to get ready. They stripped down to get dressed. I love you Valerie purred as she kissed Kathy deeply. She helped Kathy put on the sexy black stockings, garter, and lace bra they'd picked out before they had left Kathy's. Valerie then dressed in the sexy latex outfit she'd worn to Kathy's. Valerie then showed Kathy how to put on her make-up to look like a whore. When she was done Kathy whistled. You look hot. Your turn Valerie purred. Valerie slipped into her platform heels and took out the chain and collar. Kathy finished and turned around. Valerie was stunned. This girl had transformed herself into a hot sultry slut. Come here you, Valerie purred. She attached the collar and chain. They went and looked in the mirror together. God, Kathy exclaimed, we look fabulous. We sure do Valerie said in a husky voice. She turned and looked deep into Kathy's eyes. I love you she whispered. I Love you too Kathy said as she blushed, like I never knew I could love some one. You're sure you want to commit to this life with me, Valerie asked? Yes Kathy purred, I want it. I want to be with you and I want to do everything you want me to do. They stared starry eyed at each other. He better get home soon or I'm going to have to start without him, Valerie said in a husky voice. She stuck her tongue out and Kathy stuck hers out. The tips of their tongues fought in a sexy dance as they both moaned as they embraced. Just then the car pulled up. Hurry we have to be waiting in the hall, Valerie exclaimed as they went out and down the stairs. Valerie's heart was racing. Life would never be the same now. 1 29 Black Huge Dick he called out. "Hi, Robert," she said as she gave him a quick hug. "Just meeting my husband for lunch." She chatted with him for a couple minutes before George said they should get going. They turned and headed for the elevator. As an afterthought, Robert called out "Hey guys, Mandy and I were going to take the boat out for a spin this Saturday, why don't you come along? George and I can do some fishing and You girls can get some sun. We'll make a party out of it." "Sounds good," said George. "Sure, sounds like fun," agreed Linda. Robert heard the phone ring in his office and ran to catch it after saying his goodbyes. "Hello, Robert Marsh speaking." "Hi Robert, it's Ty," replied the voice on the phone. Tyrell Jones was Roberts lawyer and had handled his two previous divorces. He was a giant well built black man with a quick wit and a dazzling smile. He won half is cases simply by charming the female jurors. The other half he won by being brilliant. He was extremely successful as a lawyer and had gotten to be a partner in his firm by merit. He resented the fact that some people always thought he was there to give the firm some "color" and he thought Tyrell Jones was too "black" a name so he always went by Ty. "Ty, how you doing," Robert asked? "Fine, just fine," answered Ty. "I'm calling cause I'm going to be down your way Saturday and wanted to know if you wanted to have lunch." "I can't Ty, the wife and I are taking the boat out with some friends of ours. Hey, why don't you come along?" "Sure, sounds like fun, especially if that hot little wife of yours is going to be laying around in one of her skimpy bikinis." replied the black man. "You know her," said Robert. "she's practically a nudist. Just remember to keep your hands to yourself." Tyrell had quite the reputation as a ladies man and Mandy always seemed to hang on his every word. Tyrell was the complete opposite of George. Ty and Robert would hit the showers after playing tennis for and where George's little dick disappeared beneath his paunch, Tyrell's cock seemed to always be half erect as it jutted out from his muscular physique. Ty's half-hard cock was as big as Robert's penis when fully erect. Where Robert occasionally joked with Mandy about George's little dick, he "somehow" failed to mention how hung Ty was. They made plans to meet at the boat around noon Saturday. Robert went back to work and promptly forgot about it. On Thursday, Mandy called him at work and asked if he would pick her up some cold medicine as she wasn't feeling well. When he got home that evening, she was already in bed with a fever and sore throat. By Friday morning, her condition had gotten worse. She went to the doctor and he gave her some pills to make her sleep through the weekend. Robert asked her if she minded him still going out on the boat with George and Linda and she told him to go have fun as she wouldn't be very good company that weekend. Robert got to work a little late that day after taking his wife to the doctors. He had a message waiting on his desk for him from his assistant. An important client was in town and wanted to meet with a Vice President of sales. The note said that Mr Quigley could meet with him if needed but he had plans on Saturday. Robert was reaching for the phone to call Quigley, when a thought occurred to him..... If he could get rid of George, he'd get the chance to be alone with the lovely Linda on his boat. Robert promptly rang up George's extension number. "George, I'm sorry but I need you to work tomorrow." He then explained the situation with the client. "That's ok, Robert" George said. "These things come up. It's a shame though, Linda was really looking forward to going out on your boat tomorrow. We already got a babysitter." "Let her come, she can keep Mandy company while I fish," he lied. Robert crossed his fingers while waiting for his reply. "I guess she will," said George."No sense in both of us missing out this weekend." Robert told his secretary he would be taking a long lunch break and he left the building, he wanted to plan how he was going to seduce his friends wife. He thought about it all through lunch and finally had an idea. Even if it didn't work, the plan would let him see what Linda looked like under all those baggy clothes. ******************** Saturday Cuckold Slaves about Kimi, and some of their time together. She wondered now if the beautiful woman had been coming on to her She put on her make-up, going for a sexy look. When she was done she put on a sexy summer dress that showed off cleavage and lots of leg. She slipped on high heels, and appraised herself. She wanted to be sexy, and see how Kimi reacted. She cleared a spot on her bedroom wall for the picture. This was going to be for her private enjoyment. She could imagine Jerome fucking her while she looked at the picture. The doorbell rang and interrupted her daydreams. When she opened the door Kimi's eyes opened wide. You look great she said in a husky voice. So do you purred Valerie. Kimi stepped in and Valerie stepped forward and kissed her on the mouth. Kimi didn't pull away. Come on, I'll show you where I want it. You can help me hang it. They went to Valerie's room. Kimi took charge. Holding the picture for Valerie to look at to get Just the right place, then pounding in the hook to hold it. She took the picture and hung it, then stepped back. Kimi's arms came up as she hugged herself. It looks great she said in a low voice. I love it Valerie cooed. It makes the whole room so sexy Kimi said in a dreamy state. The woman looks like you she said as she stared at the picture. Valerie was behind her, and she dropped her dress to the floor and went behind Kimi. Her hands went to Kimi's shoulders, and she felt Kimi shudder. She pressed her naked body into Kimi's back and bent down and kissed her neck. Kimi moaned and turned around quickly and went into a deep French kiss with Valerie. Kimi broke and stepped back. Make love to Me Valerie cooed as she held her hands and they stared into each other's eyes. I've wanted to ever since I met you Kimi whispered. You're so beautiful, and so sexy lately. Valerie stepped forward and started undressing her. God she's gorgeous Valerie mused as she stripped her. Kimi moaned and let Valerie feel her body. Then she threw her arms around Valerie's neck and they melted into a deep passionate kiss. Valerie was so turned on by this exotic young woman, she kissed all around her neck and face. Oh God, Kimi moaned. Valerie took her hands and led her to the bed. They dropped In an embrace onto the bed. Kimi pushed Valerie back and went straight for her breasts. She swirled her tongue around the nipples, and nipped at them with her teeth. I've wanted to suck you breasts for so long Kimi purred as she went back to them and sucked with a wanton lust. I wish you would have seduced me earlier Valerie whispered. Kimi came up and kissed her, letting their tongues twirl around each other, sucking on each others lips, and sucking on each others tongues. Valerie gently pushed Kimi back on the bed, and got between her legs. She took the oil from the night stand and poured some on her breasts and some on Kimi. She then leaned forward and started rubbing her body all over Kimi's. Yes Kimi moaned. That feels so good. Valerie rubbed her tit in Kimi's pussy, trying to stick the tip in. Kimi bucked against her. Valerie moved down and took Kimi's pussy in her mouth. Her pussy tasted so sweet. Valerie drove her tongue in and opened her mouth covering her pussy. Her tongue moved all over inside her then up to her clit. Kimi was pulling her head into her crotch and gasping. I'm going To c-u-u-u-m Kimi cried out, and her pussy flooded with sweet juice. Valerie went nuts and sucked even harder. Oh God, Kimi cried as she bucked into Valerie's face. She was shaking uncontrollably. Valerie kept sucking till she was sure she'd gotten it all. She licked the inside of her legs and down towards her ass. Turn over Valerie said in a husky voice. What Kimi stammered. Turn over and put that beautiful ass of yours in the air. Kimi did as she was told and Valerie pushed her head down and made her stick her ass in the air, then she took her hands and spread her cheeks and drove her tongue in her ass hole. Oh Kimi cried out in a startled voice as she jerked. Valerie wrapped her arms around her legs and pulled her tight to her face as she ate her ass. Kimi started to squirm. Feels so good Kimi muttered. Valerie redoubled her efforts. Rub your clit Valerie said panting as she pulled away briefly. Kimi started moaning as she played with her pussy as Valerie ate her ass. She tasted so good Valerie was starting to cum. Kimi was bucking back to meet her tongue thrusts and Valerie's tongue was going deeper and deeper as Kimi's ass hole opened to the assault. They exploded together, shaking and moaning. Kimi dropped flat on the bed panting. Valerie was kissing all over her ass then slowly started working her way up Kimi's back, tasting her every where. Kimi turned over and they Kissed deeply. They fell side by side in a passionate embrace, their legs intertwined, their hands feeling each other's body's . Kimi turned Valerie on her back. My turn she cooed as she started licking down Valerie's body. Valerie wiggled and moaned. Kimi sucked her tits like nobody had ever sucked them before. She started feeling Valerie's wet pussy as she sucked. Yes, Valerie moaned lustfully. Kimi worked her way down her body to her pussy, and sucked her clit between her lips. Valerie felt a shock wave go through her body as she creamed her pussy again. Kimi's tongue darted in her and scooped up her cum. Um-m-m-m Kimi moaned as she licked long, deep, slow, strokes with her tongue. Kimi was eating her like she'd never been eaten. So tender and loving. Valerie cried out, Ki-m-m-mi and started to pant and buck into her face. Put your fingers in me Valerie panted, ple-e-a-se. Kimi slid one, then two, then three fingers into Valerie's sopping pussy. More Valerie moaned. Stretch me Kimi, she cried. Kimi folded her thumb into her thin long hand and started sliding into Valerie. Her delicate thin hand slid in easily over her knuckles and up to her wrist. Valerie was thrashing her head and moaning , Kimi, Kimi, Kimi, over and over. Kimi sat up between Valerie's legs and made her fist into a ball inside Valerie and started to fuck her deeply. Valerie gasped. The sensation of her blunt fist was extraordinary. Kimi hesitated, are you OK she asked? Oh God Yes grunted Valerie, Fuck me. Fuck me good. Kimi started to fuck her. She went deeper little by little and Valerie felt her pussy flesh give as the hand went deeper. Kimi's hand kept going deeper with each stroke, and Valerie started to cum slowly around her hand helping it slid easily in and out. God Yes Kimi purred, take my fist. Valerie could feel her arm stretching her pussy lips. Kimi started doing long strokes. She pulled her hand out, then slowly pushed her closed fist back in, going all the way deep inside Valerie. Fuck me hard I'm going to cum. Kimi started ramming in and out of her, and Valerie came in an explosion. She gasped and sat up, looking at Kimi with glazed eyes as she shook. Kimi left her hand deep inside Valerie, as Valerie shook through orgasm. Valerie looked down and Kimi's arm was in almost to the elbow. The site made her cum again. Kimi slowly pulled her hand out all the way. It made a sloshy sound as she pulled out. Valerie pussy was spread wide and she could feel the cum running into her ass crack. Kim lifted her fist to her mouth and licked as she stared at Valerie. Valerie leaned forward and licked her hand and arm with her, kissing when their lips met. They fell back down on the bed together, kissing and licking each other. Slowly they came back down to earth. God, Kimi cooed that was sensational. They fell into each others arms. They talked and laughed for another hour until Kimi had to go. I'll call you later this week, Kimi said as they kissed at the door. Valerie went back upstairs in a dreamy state. She went to her mirror turned around, bent over and spread her cheeks. Her ass hole and pussy were open. Good she thought CHAPTER FOURTEEN Valerie soaked in the tub again. When she was done she inserted the large but plug and went to sleep. She woke at 4:00 in the afternoon, dressed and went downstairs. She made dinner then waited. Jack arrived shortly, ate quickly as Jerome put his luggage in the car. We have to go he said. We're picking up Bill on the way. Bill was Jack's partner. Bill had divorced his first wife four years ago and married a blonde beach bunny named Kathy. I think I'll ride with you she said. You can drop me at Bill's and Kathy and I can visit while Jerome takes you to the airport. Then come back and get me. OK, Jack said, but were leaving in 15 minutes. Valerie ran upstairs and threw on a sexy summer dress, with no under ware, high heels, and a velvet choker around her neck. She went downstairs and got into the limo with Jack. When they got to Bill's Valerie hopped out. Hi Kathy she said as she went up the stairs. I thought I stop in for a visit while they run to the airport. Great Kathy exclaimed. Valerie immediately noticed something different about Kathy. It was her breasts. She'd gotten substantial breast implants. The car pulled away after they loaded Bill, and Valerie took Kathy's arm and led her inside. You look great Valerie purred. Thanks Kathy said as she blushed. When did you get them done, Valerie asked? About four months ago Kathy replied. I thought they'd get Bill interested again. I know that felling Valerie laughed. If you wait for these old farts to get interested, you'll die of sexual frustration. I know Kathy said. I'm just glad to have company she sighed, I don't know any of Bill's friends wives. Don't even bother Valerie laughed. You'd hate it. God knows I did. You look so good Valerie purred. Are you enjoying them, Valerie asked looking at Kathy's breasts. Not yet Kathy whispered as she blushed again. I'm going to get mine done bigger, Valerie said cupping her breasts. Wh-h-h-y Kathy stammered. Big breasts turn me on Valerie purred as she continued to cup her breasts. Let me see yours, Valerie said as she stepped forward. Wh-a-a-t Kathy whispered. Oh don't be embarrassed, Valerie giggled. Here I'll show you mine, and Valerie let her straps drop and pulled the dress over her breasts. Do you think they look natural, Valerie asked? Very Kathy relied in a meek voice. Show me yours darling Valerie cooed as she stepped closer and pulled the straps to Kathy's dress off her shoulders. Kathy wasn't wearing a bra either. Valerie lifted her hands to Kathy's breasts. As she moved her hands from under her own breasts, her dress fell. OOPS, she laughed, as she felt Kathy's breasts. Kathy flinched. Valerie was getting hot. Very nice, cooed Valerie. Here feel mine, she said as she matter of factly took Kathy hands and put them on her breasts. Kathy meekly cupped Valerie's breasts. What do you think, Valerie purred. Their beautiful Kathy whisper hoarsely. Valerie started squeezing Kathy's breasts. They feel fantastic, Valerie whispered in a sexy voice. Kathy moaned. Squeeze mine Valerie said in a husky voice as she inched closer. Kathy slowly started to feel her breasts. Valerie bent down slowly and took Kathy's nipple in her mouth. What are you doing Kathy said weekly. Valerie took the other nipple in her mouth and got it wet. Kathy moaned. Valerie stood back up and mashed their tits together. Your so beautiful, and so hot Valerie cooed. Someone needs to appreciate you and I sure do she purred as she bent forward and kissed Kathy on the lips. Kathy resisted at first, then met Valerie's kiss, as her mouth opened and accepted Valerie's tongue. Kathy's arms went around Valerie's neck as they continued to kiss. Valerie pushed Kathy's dress down and off. Their naked bodies embraced. Kathy was panting she was so hot, and she was kissing Valerie with a passion. Valerie pulled Kathy to the coach and pushed her down. She got on her knees on the floor between Kathy's legs and took her beautiful nipple in her mouth. Oh God Valerie we shouldn't. Kathy moaned. Valerie ignored her and pulled her into another passionate kiss. Kathy moaned and sucked in Valerie's tongue. Valerie started licking down her body, nibbling on her like Kimi had nibbled on her. Kathy was going nuts. God what are you doing to me Kathy moaned. Making you feel like the woman you should feel like, Valerie said in a husky voice. She moved down Kathy's stomach and between her legs. She tasted Kathy's pussy with her tongue. She was sopping wet. Oh yes Kathy moaned. Valerie started flicking her clit. Kathy started to jerk. God I'-m-m-m c-u-m-m-m-ing Kathy cried out. Valerie drove her tongue deep in Kathy's pussy, as she opened her whole mouth to fit over Kathy's pussy. Kathy started babbling as she wiggled into Valerie's tongue. YES! she cried out. Valerie put two fingers in her wet pussy and started fucking her as she went up and sucked on her clit. Kathy grabbed the back of Valerie's head and pulled her into her cunt. Oh God Yes Valerie, it feels so good, Kathy moaned. Valerie quickly moved away. Kathy was completely in her power. She turned her over and made stand at the edge of the coach with head bent down to the cushions. She went back to eating Kathy from behind. When Kathy got real hot again, she inserted three fingers in her pussy and started to lick her ass. Valerie made her spread her legs more and started sticking the tip of her tongue in Kathy's ass hole. Kathy moved back into her. Spread your ass cheeks, Valerie hissed at her. Kathy reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Valerie started tongue fucking Kathy's ass hole as her fingers pumped in and out of her pussy. Feels so good, Kathy moaned as she started to shake. Kathy jerked. A-a-a-a-gh she screamed as she came in buckets. Valerie started kissing her ass tenderly, and rubbing her legs as Kathy came down. Kathy turned around shaking and dropped on her knees with Valerie and kissed her passionately. They kissed all over each others faces, and felt each others bodies. God that was fantastic, Kathy whispered meekly as she felt Valerie's breasts. Can I make love to you now, she asked Valerie. You can suck on my tits for a minute, then I think we'd better get dressed. The chauffeur will be here soon. Can't you stay Kathy whined. I need you. I know baby, but I can't tonight. But I can come over tomorrow, if you'd like, and we can make love all day. Yes, Yes, Yes, Kathy squealed. Good Valerie said, we women have to stick together. They got up and Valerie had Kathy lead her to the bathroom and wash her body and face. She let Kathy suck on her nipples, bring them fully erect. Time to get dressed, Valerie said pushing Kathy back. Valerie went back to the living room and put her dress on. She pulled Kathy down on the coach and kissed her. Play with your pussy for me until he gets here, Valerie said. Kathy started playing with herself and moaning. Just think of all the things I might do to you tomorrow Valerie hissed as she grabbed her leg and squeezed hard.. Kathy groaned. Get as many fingers in your pussy as you can, Valerie commanded. Kathy started putting fingers in till she got to four. Fuck yourself. Cum for me Valerie hissed. She had this girl under her control and it turned her on. Just then a horn honked and Valerie jumped up leaving the poor girl whimpering. I'll call you in the morning. I'm going to fuck you to death. She went out the door. She hopped in the front seat with Jerome, and gave him a big kiss. Damn woman, Jerome laughed. How was your visit, he asked? Great Valerie giggled. She showed me her new tits. What Jerome said? Her new tits Valerie said, she just got new tits. Do you think she's sexy, Valerie asked? Yea, Jerome replied. Good. I think we should fuck her, she needs it. What were you guys doing in their, he asked? I was just eating her pussy. She needed to cum, Valerie said matter-of-factly. Eating her pussy, he said stunned. Yea, Valerie said as she pulled her dress over her head. It would have been a lot better if your cock was in her ass while I ate her pussy and licked your balls, she said in a nasty voice . She was naked now and she reached over and undid his pants as they drove. She took his huge cock out and started stroking it. U-m-m-m she purred as she put her head in his lap and started sucking him. That's it baby, he moaned, suck that big black cock. She lifted her head, and looked up at him. I want to do something nasty for you she hissed. Like what he asked? Anything you want baby, I'm your whore now. I'll do anything. Anything, he hissed? Yes she replied. Well then I think it's time you fuck some of my friends, he said. Oh god yes she moaned, just make sure they're all big . He grabbed her hair and forced her down on his cock. He forced her deeper down on his cock. Time to fuck you silly he hissed, get your dress back on. We need to make a stop and get some brothers. Valerie's heart was pounding. She was going to be gang-banged, and she wanted it. They parked the car and went into a bar. Jerome knew every one it seemed. The men were mostly black. They went to the far end of the bar and he told Valerie to sit down. The bartender came down and Jerome and he shook hands. They got drinks, and slowly several guys came up and said hi to Jerome, and he introduced Valerie. They all drank her in with their eyes. She loved feeling hot like this. Slowly Jerome whispered to several of the men and they looked at her coolly. Several moved close to her on the other side of Jerome and started feeling her body. She was getting hot. Time to go Party, Jerome finally said. They went to the limo. Get in back with my friends Jerome commanded. Valerie got in back between two of the men. They started running their hands all over her. Just take her dress off, Jerome said from up front. They lifted the dress over her head. The guy sitting across from her took his cock out. It was big. Damn, this is one hot white bitch the man said. Cars were going by them. Valerie wondered if they could see her. They started squeezing her breasts and playing with her pussy. She was already wet. Take your cocks out she cooed. She started stroking their cocks as they played with her. Both cocks were big. She loved the feel of them. One was so thick she could barely get her hand around it. She leaned her head back and moaned. The men both started inserting fingers in her at the same time. First two each, then three. They started finger fucking her. More she moaned. They both stuck four fingers in her pussy. She was going nuts. Turn her around the man on the other side said. They pushed her on her back in the middle and turned her. They then pulled her ass up on the seat and with her head on the floor, the man across got on his knees and put his cock in her mouth. She sucked greedily as the other two pushed her legs apart and back and reinserted their fingers. Her pussy was sopping. Pull me apart she moaned. The men pulled on the walls of her pussy, spreading
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