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Big Black Cock White Pussy Cuckold Slaves > Note: This story takes place during Solomon's wandering years. Prologue: Solomon King looked across the creek at the remains of the shack he had grown up in. He was surprised it was still standing, though it was more of a lean-to now then house. Progress hadn't come to this part of Mississippi. It looked exactly as it did back in the fifties, dirt roads, trash and all. What had possessed him to come back here? His mother was long dead, his father's identity unknown, brothers and sisters scattered to the winds. There were no good memories from his childhood except the joy he felt swimming in the creek. From here he had gone to live with an abusive Aunt until he turned old enough to join the Navy. Solomon had been wandering around listless now for several months. He didn't know if the Gigamesh Project was chasing him since he had escaped and burnt down their facility. This aimless apathy wasn't like him. He was a natural born leader, a planner, a strategist. He needed a goal in life, a purpose, but what? He heard a truck coming along down the dirt road and turned sticking his thumb out. It was a beat up, old, pick-up and Solomon could see three men filling the front seat. The truck stopped beside him and one man leaned out, "You need a ride there darkie?" Solomon frowned, "Yeah, can I hop in back?" The three men were rednecks, shaggy hair, unshaven, mustaches, etc. "Youse is one big negro buck. Be worth a lot if the 'federacy had won." Solomon stepped closer to the pick-up with every intention of yanking the arrogant hick out of the truck and kicking his ass. He reached in his fist gathering up the man's shirt and realizing that it was a white robe. They were all wearing white robes. Hoods were in their laps. "Pa, he's touching me. Get them filthy hands of your better boy." An older man was driving. He threw open his door and climbed out. "Get your hands off my boy...boy," said the older man. He appeared in his late forties, had a big beer gut and sideburns covering large jowls. He spit tobacco on the ground and glared at Solomon. "What the fuck are you rednecks gonna do about it?" "I don't care how big you are boy, you can't take us all on." The fat old man was grinning like an idiot. "I don't know Pa," said the younger one staring at Solomon's meaty fist still bunching up his robe. "Look at his eyes, he looks like he's into it." "Shuddup Jimbo. Joe Joe, why don't you make this negra buck show us betters some respect." Joe Joe, the man sitting in th middle of the cab, slid out the drivers seat. He stood up, towering over the truck, bigger then Solomon, bigger then any man Solomon had ever seen. The man had a dumb look on his face. Solomon said, "This doesn't have to happen. Why don't you good ole boys get back in your truck and drive off." He was already assuming a fighting stance, arms coming up and one foot behind him for balance. Joe Joe looked to the old man for instructions, but the old man just grinned and said, "Whatsa matta boy, scared? Get him Joe Joe." Without hesitation, the dumb giant charged at Solomon, huge ham like fists coming up to beat the black man to a pulp. Then he was lying on his face in the dirt as Solomon easily sidestepped and tripped him. The big man wasn't down for long. He climbed back to his feet and as Solomon prepared himself, the big oaf released a fistfull of dirt into Solomon's eyes. Seconds latter, Solomon felt the punch. The black man's rock hard abs absorbed the blow, but it had enough strength behind it to knock the air out of his lungs. Before Solomon could get the sand out of his eyes, another strong blow hit him in the jaw nearly causing him to fall to the ground. Instead, Solomon dropped and rolled, cleaning his eyes as he rose out of Joe Joe's reach. As the other rednecks cheered, Solomon clenched his jaw and looked at the giant with such could calculating fury that Joe Joe paused for a fraction of a second trying to follow up his attack. The black man seemed to levitate in the air for a second, his leg striking out at the white man. Solomon's heel caught Joe Joe right in the neck and the white giant fell over like a tree, clutching his neck and gasping for air. "Pa, don't," shouted Jimbo. Jimbo was out of the truck standing by the door as the old man pulled a shotgun out of a rack behind the pickup's cab. Solomon kicked Jimbo in the chest sending him hard into the door at the same time reaching for the gun and yanking it out of the surprised fathers hands. Solomon reversed the gun swinging the butt up between the fat man's legs. In the same motion, just as the dad began screaming like a woman, Solomon reversed the gun again and slammed the butt into Jimbo's head, as he was standing up, without looking behind him. "Don't fuck with a Navy SEAL," growled Solomon, looking at the three fallen men still pissed off at himself for falling for the dirt in the eyes trick. Solomon rifled through Cuckold Slaves at a few videos and magazines and I could tell she was getting a little hot, so I took her hand and led her back into the back where the booths were. There were guys gawking at us all around the booths. We went around the corner and found a booth where no guy was gawking at us and went in. I put a token in the machine and starting flipping through the movies. There were lots of gay movies but I kept flipping and my wife said nothing, even if I stopped on the gay ones for awhile. finally I said "are you turned on" and she replied "I'm on fire....". So I grabbed her and kissed her and started fondling her all over. Then I heard the door in the next booth open and close, and the movie machine in it start up. I had my wife's Black Large Penis Interracial Gangbang Dvd to ask him to harrass more black men. Oh god, I don't believe it, I'm gonna cum again." Within seconds, Jane was writhing around on the bed like a bitch in heat. "Don't stop, fuck me hard" Solomon did stop. He yanked his cock out and smacked her on the hip. "Turn over and get on all fours." "Yeah that's it you big black stud, fuck me like an animal." Solomon reinserted his cock and did just that. Jane had an amazing pussy. It gripped his cock like a vice, spasming every now and then as she came. Her juices were squirting out, running down his balls each time he slammed his dick home. Solomon pushed his thumb into her ass and her pussy immediately ballooned up around his cock as she had a huge orgasm. "Ooo fucking nasty," she moaned. "Play with my ass." Solomon kept fucking her hard while working his thumb around her ass to prepare her for what was next. His cock began swelling as his orgasm approached. He was addicted to cumming, finding it necessary to orgasm at least twice a day, abstaining was difficult but every now and then he liked to hold off. His balls produced semen at an rate ten times those of a normal man. Each time he emptied them, they filled almost immediately gradually swelling until he drained them again. He drained them now into Jane's pussy. Her own orgasms exploding with each wad he shot. Her pussy started spasming, then her ass began shaking until she collapsed on the bed thrashing around in ecstacy. She fell forward freeing Solomon's cock. The giant black rod shot up, shooting one last wad across her ass and back. Solomon squeezed the base of his cock to keep it hard and pulled her ass back up. He pushed his cock-head against her tight little sphincter watching it spread wide open for him. He quickly pushed more in hoping to spare her some of the pain of initial penetration before she recovered. Jane whimpered a little in her semi-comatose state, but before he knew it, she was pushing her ass back into his thrusts. "Ooo god, fuck my white ass," she murmered softly. This bitch was a real catch. Solomon wished he had more time to spend with her, but there were more fish to fry tonight. He fucked her ass for a good twenty minutes until filling her bowels with sperm. "Thank you, thank you, I've always dreamed of fucking a hung black man, but I never thought it would happen. Even my fantasies weren't this good." "My pleasure," said Solomon pulling his cock out of her ass and watching his sperm well up to run down her crack, mingling with the sperm still oozing out of her pussy. "I'd like to keep your black baby-making cum in me forever, but Jimbo will be home in an hour or so and I need to clean up. Lets take a quick shower." In the shower, Jane seemed more fascinated with cleaning Solomon, then herself. He stood in the center of the tub, hands behind his head, flexing his muscles while she soaped his entire body front and back. "Your simply amazing," she said. It seemed as though her soapy hand touched every single, hard muscled ridge of his chest, back and ass. "There's something else I want to do." She kneeled in the shower before him. "Make me your slut." "What?" he asked. "Make me your slut. Mark me." His cock was half-hard and growing as she took the shaft in her hand and pointed it at her face. "Pee on me." Solomon's surprise only lasted a moment and he did have to piss from drinking the beer earlier. He quickly relaxed and let go before he became to hard to piss. Jane moaned as the golden torrent splattered on her face. She shook under his golden shower and it seemed to Solomon as if she had cum again just from this kinky act. She directed his cock to cover her entire torso, her head, breasts, face, and open mouth all got sprayed on by his piss. She took the whole head in her mouth before he had even stopped pissing and started sucking on it. His cock quickly grew to full erection. Jane was a wild, horny slut. She inhaled his cock, sucking on it like a mad woman. She teased his pee-slit with her tongue until Solomon's knees started to shake. She only took him out of her mouth long enough to examine it when he was all blood engorged. She said, "talk to me," before putting it back in her mouth. "You fucking slut. Suck that black cock like the little white whore you are." Jane groaned and began shoving her finger between her legs, rubbing her clit like crazy. "You got a mouth built to handle black dick. I wish I had some buddies here, we'd plug all your white slut holes." Jane screamed around his cock and came. Solomon had a sneaky suspicion she'd be seeking out some brothers to do just that in the near future. "Here it comes bitch, try to keep up." To her credit, she did. Jane was prepared for his abnormally large orgasms having experienced two already. She opened her throat letting his sperm slide down to her belly. Still, her mouth filed too quickly and some trickled down her chin. "Mmmm, even your sperm tastes Inter Racial Sex

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Black Cock Too Big Multiracial Marriages squeezing and pinching the nipple. My wife sighed again "ah...ah..." as I started taking off her pants and panties. She was completely naked now and I started rubbing her pussy as the guy felt her breasts one at a time. She was so wet I've never felt her this wet, just drenched and it was all over my hand now. Then I noticed through her legs as I was looking up that the arm was going lower, feeling her stomach and reaching lower trying to get to her pussy. My wife backed away and said "I think that's enough for him" and I said "it's only a hand, who cares". I pushed on her ass slightly and said "let him feel it". She straighted up and moved toward the hole a little, the hand still trying to find it's way. I pushed her a Black Dick And Black Pussy Monica Sweetheart Blacks On Blondes her foot and squeezed it, kneeding and rubbing them with his hands. The woman moaned in pleasure. As Solomon rubbed her foot, he stared down her leg. It was newly shaven with good, strong calves. He was holding her foot up enough that her nightgown had ridden up and he could see the hint of pubic hair between her legs. His cock began to stiffen. He switched to her next foot. He used one hand to squeeze it, while the other hand unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his cock out. He struggled to get them down around his ankles. Solomon grabbed her other foot so that he had one in each hand. Rosie sighed contentedly as he moved his thumbs around the bottom of her feet while slowly pulling her legs apart. Before she realized what had happened, he was falling forwards onto the bed wth his arms sliding under her legs holding them spread wide open. Her pussy was displayed for him as his face landed on her slit. "Joe Joe what are you doing?" Rosie was stunned, but assumed her son had fallen on her. His tongue came out and licked up her labia sending an unfamiliar spasm of pleasure up her spine. "Oh my god stop," she cried coming to her senses. She tried to struggle, but it only worked his tongue in deeper. "What's gotten into you?" She flushed with shame her body was responding, her crotch was raising into his thrusting tongue. "This...wrong. Been so long...can't help...I'm cumming." The older woman thrashed with pleasure as her clit was sucked between her sons lips. Solomon climbed up and kneeled between her legs, placing his cock-head against her pussy. She recovered as he was pushing it in. "Stop. We can''re my son." Solomon pushed the head in and she said, "ummm yes," then laughed. "Thank god. Who are you?" "How'd you know?" he asked. "Such a manly voice you have to go with that big manly prick. I'm afraid I've seen my son nude when he was a boy and he takes after his late father in the prick department. Not too big. God, that feels incredible. How big is it?" "That's just over half." "I want to see it." "No. Leave the mask on and I will give you the fucking of your life." "Ok." Her hand had been reaching for the mask, but stopped. Hr husband had been dead for six years and she wasn't about to pass up this opportunity. "Who are you?" "I'm one of Joe Joe's friends. He sent me here to pick something up for him." "Oh, one of his klan buddies. A good, true American." "Yeah, thats right." Solomon gritted his teeth and slammed his cock in. A mixture of pleasure and pain shot out from Rosie's crotch. She had never felt anything like it. The man's prick must be a foot long. Her pussy was juicing up quickly to accomodate it. She hadn't been this wet in twenty years. "That feels so good. What's your name?" "Call me King." Solomon startled her when he grabbed her nightgown and ripped down exposing her breasts while Rosie was writhing in pleasure impaled on his cock. He kept going until her entire nightgown was open displaying a surprisingly nice body for such a mature woman. "How appropriate a name. You're a manly man, aren't you King?" "I'm the first real man you ever been with." He was lying down as he said this, her legs wrapping around his waist. He mashed his lips against hers as he began thrusting his hips. "Oh my god, oh my god," she screamed breaking lip contact to gasp for air. "Fuck me my King. Fuck me with that huge prick." Solomon had found his rhythym. He was bucking his hips rapidly now fucking her with his entire cock. The force of his thrusts pushed her down into the bed, the springs bringing her back up into his rampant cock. He was grunting as he fucked her hard, hands squeezing the sides of her head, and kissing her occassionally. She seemed to cum every five strokes or so. "Let me see you. Please, I need to see your face. It's never been this good before." she begged. Solomon was getting close. His cock was swollen as his orgasm approached. It had been several days since he had cum last, which ment it would be a lot. He waited till his cock was just about to explode before grunting, "Then see me," as he flicked her mask off with his thumbs. Rosie waited with awe to see this incredible lover, her look turning to horror when she saw his black face. "Nooo, not a ni...aaahhhh myyy goddd." The black man's prick exploded in her pussy triggering the biggest orgasm of her life. Her body betrayed her. Her pussy squeezed his cock milking it for every last drop of what felt like a gallon of sperm. Waves of pleasure were radiating out from her crotch. It wasn't just one big orgasm, it was one long continuous orgasm. Rosie's eyes rolled up in her head as she fainted from the pleasure. Solomon withdrew figuring it was a good chance to get out of there. He would of liked to of broken in her ass and mouth to black cock, but there were two more sluts he wanted to meet tonight. He grabbed the camera and left. Rosie watched him leave Dogfart Beau Marie Blacks On Blondes my cock and gasped "oh god I'm cumming....ah...ah....god, fuck!...." Then she breathed a few deep breaths and said "incredible" but she didn't move off the wall, she just kept sucking my cock now and I was feeling like cumming myself watching my wife get licked and sucked. I was almost gonna cum when my wife stopped sucking and pulled off my cock and gasped louder than ever "Ah God!!! He's in me!! Ah God!!!...". Then I noticed her start to move her ass a little off the wall and back against the wall as she was enjoying being fucked so much. After about a minute I came myself as I was so excited, spewing my juice all over the floor. Then my wife moaned several times and said "I'm cumming.....oh god I'm cumming...." and Anal Interracial It lasted over an hour and Judy had several additional orgasms. He lost control a little as his orgasm approached, thrusting his cock into her hard, his sperm spitting into her womb. Her hips bucked beneath him, her nails dug in a little harder and her teeth bit his chest as she came longer and bigger this time. He held his cock buried in her, plugging her sperm-filled womb until every drop had spilled out of his cock. Judy moaned softly in pain as he pulled out, but his cock was rapidly deflating making it easier on her. Solomon stood over her, listening as she whispered contentedly, "I love you Dan." After that her breathing turned heavier as she fell asleep. Solomon grabbed his clothes and opened her bedroom door. He planned to go downstairs, unlock the front door, and carry James inside. As he walked along the upstairs hall, he passed an open door. Drapes fluttered in the light breeze blowing into the master bedroom. The form of a large woman filled the bed illuminated by the moonlight coming through the window. Solomon looked at her. If this fat sow was his wife he would be sepnding his nights out with the kkk too. She was lying on her stomach naked, her big ass thrust into the air. Oh, why the fuck not, he thought. Solomon yanked on the head of his cock a couple times. It swelled slowly this time and his balls ached, but he wanted one last bit of revenge. Solomon kneeled behind her and pulled her ass up. He ran his cock head along her slit until she became moist and he pushed his cock in. Fat or skinny, young or old, he really didn't care. He had a need to spread his seed around into as many women as possible. "Wow," said the woman still half asleep, "I must be losing weight. You've never pentrated this far." Solomon just grinned and pushed another inch in. Epilogue Rosie felt like a new woman and had no desire to go back to being celibate. There was another maid she worked with, a black woman around her same age. One day Rosie called in sick and seduced the black woman's husband. He was thrilled to fuck a white woman, but his prick was nothing special and he didn't last long. He wasn't about to give her up and they had an affair until his wife found out. The two women had a fight while cleaning a house one day, trashing it and getting fired. She spent the rest of her life, dirt poor and on welfare. Joe Joe lived with his mom until he was fifty-two and she passed away. Jimbo tried to deal with what he saw on the video, but it didn't last two months when Jane announced she was pregnant and keeping the baby no matter what. He knew it wasn't his and threw her out. Jimbo never remarried, never fucked another woman, and found himself watching the video of the black man and Jane at least once a week. At first it was to remind him why he hated blacks and his wife so much, but as time passed it started making him horny to watch it and he began watching other interracial videos until some KKK buddies caught him in the video store and beat the crap out of him. Jane became the town slut, traveling the black section of town looking for the handsome black man who knew how to fuck so good. It became known that she would fuck any and all black men who asked. She fucked two at once, three at once, five teenagers in an alley, but none had a dick the size of the man who had hooked her on his foot long dong. Having the reputation of a slut, got her treated like a slut by all her lovers and she loved every minute of it, if deep down she knew she'd never be truly satisfied again. After her chocolate colored baby arrived, she moved to a bigger city in search of fresh meat. James tried to keep his family together. He didn't divorce his wife. She hadn't known who had snuck into her room after all and he hadn't received a video to remind him of it. He didn't even tell his wife it was a black man at first, just a thief. And deep down, he suspected his wife had enjoyed getting fucked by a stranger. Judy became withdrawn for awhile until it became evident that she was pregnant. James forced her to marry her boyfriend in a quickie ceremony never thinking that the black man had gotten to his sweet young daughter. The young couple tried a lot, but Dan never lived up to his initial performance and nine months to the day she lost her virginity, she found out why. Her dad disowned her when he saw his black grandson and Dan walked out on her. Judy's hot young body never recovered from the stress and the pregnancy. She plumped up quickly starting on the long road towards looking like her mother. She stayed with her brother Jimbo for a time where he broke down and told her who the father was and showed her images on the tape with his wife. Judy left Mississippi with the image of her baby's father forever frozen in her mind, vowing some day to find him, marry him, and carry more of his babies. As for Solomon, he was just getting started with his adventures. The End Rough Interracial Gangbang at a few videos and magazines and I could tell she was getting a little hot, so I took her hand and led her back into the back where the booths were. There were guys gawking at us all around the booths. We went around the corner and found a booth where no guy was gawking at us and went in. I put a token in the machine and starting flipping through the movies. There were lots of gay movies but I kept flipping and my wife said nothing, even if I stopped on the gay ones for awhile. finally I said "are you turned on" and she replied "I'm on fire....". So I grabbed her and kissed her and started fondling her all over. Then I heard the door in the next booth open and close, and the movie machine in it start up. I had my wife's Cuckold Slaves better then my husband's and you cum ten times as much as he does. Solomon squeezed the last few drops out onto her extended tongue and climbed out of the shower. He towled himself off as Jane climbed out. "What now?" she asked. "I gotta go." "Can we do this again? Come back later. Take me with you. I don't care what, I just need your cock again." "Meet me at dawn by your garage door and I will fuck you again." "I'll sneak out as soon as the sun comes up," she said. He had no intention of coming back, but wanted to shut her up. Solomon actually felt guilty at the expression of complete joy on her face when he said he'd fuck her again. He dressed in the bedroom. She wanted to kiss him good bye, but since she had just sucked him off, she settled for kissing his cock again before he zipped his pants up. Solomon picked her up in his strong arms and laid her on the bed, kissing each breast before turning the lights out. He grabbed the video camera once it was dark and headed downstairs. Solomon left Jimbo hog tied with duct tape by the garage door where Jane would find him in the morning when she went to meet Solomon. The video labled: wedding, rested on Jimbo's back Daughter Judy: James lived close to his son, so Solomon didn't have far to drive. He parked on the street and climbed the wall around James' house. He had just jumped to the ground when he froze. A big gazebo filled the yard surrounding the old mansion and Solomon had just seen a light flare up. He crouched, rolling into the shadows. Two figures were in the gazebo smoking cigarettes. He crept closer to hear them. "Come on Judy, you promised." "I know, I know," said a pretty female voice. "I thought I was ready. I'm scared that's all." "Damn damn, fuck this shit." A teenager wearing a varsity football jacket stepped out of the gazebo. The kid was huge, almost as big as Solomon. "Dan I'm sorry, we'll do it soon. I promise." The sexy bitch from the picture ran out after her boyfriend, pulling her nightgown up. Solomon caught sight of her huge tits in the moonlight just before she covered them. "I'm sorry baby," he said kissing her and running his hands across her breasts and ass. "Your body just drives me crazy. I don't want to be a virgin forever." "Me neither," she replied. "Next time, I promise. My dad might be home any second." "Yeah, I'd better go then." He walked to the wall dangerously close to Solomon and climbed over too. Judy ran barefoot through the yard and much to Solomon's surprise climbed a tree to an open window on the second floor. Solomon waited till all was quiet then climbed the tree after her. He peeked in the window. It was a teen girl's bedroom. The room was dark, but a light illuminated it from an open door to the bathroom where he could make out Judy sitting on the toilet. When she finished, she stood and pulled the nightgown over her head giving him a glimpse of her hot young body and making his tired cock grow. She had long blonde hair and it looked like her pubes were also blonde. The girl had a thin, firm young body with enough fat to give her curves in all the right places. Her breasts were simply amazing, huge double D's on her small young body. They fell halfway to her bellybutton, long nipples pointing down towards the floor. They promised to give her much back pain in the future, but for now Solomon was sure they were in the masturbatory fantacies of every boy in her school. She closed the door, darkening the room and Solomon could hear her slipping nude into bed. Interesting, he thought. Jane the conservative appearing one was a kinky slut and this sexy little whore was a virgin. He quietly jumped through the windowm but she heard him. "Dan? What are you doing? My mom's in bed and dad will be home any minute." Solomon held his finger over her lips to quiet her as he stripped. Nude he walked over to where her head lay. "Dan, stop it this instant." Solomon waved his cock around her nose letting her get a big whiff of pheromones and accidently touching her cheek. "Is that your dick? Put it away. I'm not going to put it in my mouth. NO," she yelled loudly as he leaned down and yanked the covers off her. "have you gone insane?" she whispered quietly." Solomon walked to the foot of the bed and pulled her legs apart burying his face in his second pussy of the night. Judy just about jumped out of the bed when his tongue flickered up along her slit. "Dan, stop it this is disgusting," she cried but her body was betraying her. It was almost imperceptible at first, but Judy was slowly raising her sweet young pussy up into his mouth. "Stop," she said quietly. "Don't. Stop. Don't stop, god please don't stop." Judy lost her inhibitions and began violently bucking her hips into his mouth as he sucked her clit between his lips. "Dan something's happening. I'm scared. It's sooo intense. Oh god, oh god, ahhhhhhhh." Solomon released her clit while her pussy convulsed
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